Keys to Rebooted Batman

Keys to Rebooted Batman

WB has announced that the new Bruce Wayne will premiere in a Justice League movie. He are my keys for both that, and his solo spinoffs surely to come.

Christopher Nolan's masterful Dark Knight Trilogy is now complete. With three of the greatest superhero films of all time, this big screen incarnation will be hard to top. But, with a Justice League movie looming, Warner Bros. has announced that the new Caped Crusader will first appear in that film. A few solo films are sure to follow. Here are my five keys to making this Batman a worthy entry into Batman lore.


The past three movies have been dark, gritty, and as realistic as a guy dressed as a bat, an evil clown, and a balance-creating cult can be. This next Batman needs to be far less believable. Everything about Gotham must be far less realistic. Why, you ask. Because it would negate, to a certain extent, the inevitable comparison between The Dark Knight Trilogy and this new Batman. Let's face it, we already have a realistic Batman, and any attempt to duplicate that would probably fall flat on its face. Maybe me previously stating it shouldn't be believable wasn't the best word choice, but it should definitely be a less authentic reality.


The Boy Wonder has yet to have a decent big screen interpretation.(No, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin don't count, they had batnipples for God's sake!) Although Robin shouldn't be a member of the Justice League, he should help Batman in Gotham. It could be a neat story arc if Robin became Nightwing throughout the movies. It would also help create a definitive difference between Nolan's Batman(John Blake never became the superhero Robin) and the new Batman. I'm not sure which version of Robin should be used, but maybe it could match the comics. Dick Grayson is the first one, he becomes Nightwing, then Jason Todd becomes Robin. Todd is killed, not necessarily by Joker, then Tim Drake becomes Robin. Drake either become Red Robin or his dad finds out he's Robin and, unlike the comics, he's never alowed to be Robin again. Finally Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne's son with Talia al Ghoul for those of you who don't know, becomes Robin. Damian wouldn't necessarily have to be Talia's son, but I do think he has to be a Wayne. Also Jason Todd shouldn't come back to life, that's just rediculous. Anyway, those series of events would clearly have take place over like eight movies. Plus, I don't think all those events are necesssary. Heck, there could be one Robin throughout and I wouldn't mind. I would mind, however, if there isn't a Robin at all.


Batman has arguably the greatest cast of villans of any superhero out there. Yet, I think, for the time being, there should be a few that are off limits to the new Batman movies. Ra's al Ghul, Scarecrow, Two Face, Catwoman(yes, technically, she's a vigilante), Bane, and maybe Talia al Ghul and Joker should not be used. I said maybe to Talia because she was used so little. Joker however, I believe, shouldn't be used. I still said maybe because it's hard to imagine a Batman without a Joker. He definitely should be more traditional in appearance then Ledger's Joker, but that Joker will have the near impossible task of being compared to Ledger. The newer Joker definitely shouldn't be introduced until late in this new Batman's cinematic life. And when he is, he should have Harley Quinn with him. Other criminals like Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Killer Croc, who wouldn't work in Nolan's realistic universe, would also be great choices. As would The Riddler, Penguin(the mob version please, no nasty Batman Returns freak), and Hugo Strange.


As you can probably tell, pretty much all my points have been trying to seperate this Batman from Christan Bales. This section is no different. Although the all black look is probably the bast to this point, I think this Batman should have a little more color. I think some yellow could be added to costume. Maybe a more modern version of Michael Keaton's is in the cards. The royal blue might remove the "cool factor," but I think some gray could add a cool dynamic. And although Batman should have a cape, I don't think he should be able to use it to fly. I don't like the classic circle around the bat logo, but I think it could be incorperated nicely into the outfit. The last, and probably least important point is the size of the bat ears. Too long and they just look silly, too short and they don't have the same look. That's one thing I think should stay consistant with The Dark Knight Trilogy. They dog the ear length perfect.

....oh yeah, no batnipples


Lastly is Bruce Wayne's origin. Of course he's going to be a millionaire orphan, but I don't think he should be the public figure he was in The Dark Knight Trilogy. Also, I don't think he should get trained by ninjas, AKA The League of Shadows. I'm not sure how he should be trained if at all, but clearly if he's being introduced in the Justice League movie, there isn't going to be an origin movie so it isn't too significant.

In conclusion I hope this Batman is obviously different from The Dark Knight Trilogy Batman. Comparisons are inevitable and I doubt these films will be better. I do believe they can be different, and that's almost as important.
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