LEGENDARY PICTURES Is Considering Ending Their Relationship With WARNER BROTHERS

LEGENDARY PICTURES Is Considering Ending Their Relationship With WARNER BROTHERS

Warner Brothers has looked to Legendary Pictures to help finance some of their biggest movies. Including comic book movies such as Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy and this Summer's Man Of Steel. However, due to tensions between the companies, that partnership could come to an end.

The Wrap is reporting that the partnership between, Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures is in trouble. The two companies have joined forces on big box office juggernauts such as The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises, and will do so again on the upcoming Superman film Man Of Steel. Tensions are running high between Legendary CEO Thomas Tull and WB Film Chief Jeff Robinov.

Sources say that Tull is upset because he has been told that Robinov believes that finance companies take too much credit for movies. It is also believed that issues arose when Tull was on stage for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim presentation at Comic Con. Which is said to have had WB execs fuming. Tull also believes that Robinov has created tensions between him and famed director Christopher Nolan. However, is it worth noting a source close to Robinov denies the riff.

It is said that Tull is already seeking new partners for Legendary. He has taken meetings with rival studios, and has a strong relationship with Disney head Alan Horn. However, numerous studios have a need for Tull's services, and he will be listening to all offers.

So now on to what this means for us and our readers. Like stated above Legendary has partnered with WB on the extremely successful Dark Knight Trilogy. It is also worth noting that WB's failed comic book movie, Green Lantern, was not produced by Legendary, but they are on Man Of Steel. The deal between Legendary and WB ends in December of this year, and given the track record between the two and the CBMs they produce, it would probably be in Warner's best interest to reconcile. Especially if they want to get their Justice League movie up and off the ground for the targeted 2015 release date. The job of reconciliation will be tasked to new CEO Kevin Tsujihara, who was named to the job this past Monday.

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