Legends of the Knight - All New Film Shows The True SuperPower of Batman.

Legends of the Knight - All New Film Shows The True SuperPower of Batman.

Legends of the Knight - All New Film Shows The True SuperPower of Batman.

Having a hard time waiting to get your next Batman fix? Then check out this new film featuring the Dark Knight and how his traits help inspire people to make a difference and overcome adversity.

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Batman's next on screen appearance won't be until the highly anticipated Man of Steel sequel, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Since his last appearance on the big screen was over two years ago, fans have been clamoring for more of The Dark Knight.
Fortunately for fans, Brett Culp has been on a three year long journey to share with the world a heart-warming and incredible documentary that focuses on Batman and the way the superhero's characteristics help inspire the people who one way or another happen to cross paths with the Caped Crusader.

There is a reason why Batman is one of the most popular superhero characters in the world. In a world where there are people who run faster than the speed of light, have "special rings" that can create anything the mind can imagine to fight crime and where a man has steel like skin and can lift entire planets, The Dark Knight is still held in high regard by them. No superpowers, only his intellect, dedication and will to fight injustice and overcome the most impossible of odds to keep not only the people closest/dearest to him safe but also his city/world.

The documentary, which was inspired by Mr. Culp's own experience features interviews with Michael Uslan and Dennis O'Neil, along with the stories of several people who relate, have been encouraged to make a difference, and have been able to overcome adverseties they face.

The film is not only a great way to look into how Batman, a fictional character, has helped change the lives of many people, but it is also a great way to help raise funds for many diffferent charities.

This is a film you have to see, as no description could give the film the proper praise it deserves.

Head on over to wearebatman.com to pick up your copy of the film and get a first hand look into the message they are hoping to convey.

"Not your typical superhero flick... I didn't expect to get teary-eyed"
-USA Today

"Legends of the Knight will leave even the most hardened Bat-fans misty-eyed"... 
-Screen Rant

"Moving, charming, and a great way to tie together pop culture and inspiration, this little film is a delight."
-Times Union

"You will not see a more emotionally-engaging Batman movie in your entire life."
-Kevin Smith


YOU can request a theatrical screening in your community.

The film is also available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital Download, so head on over to their store by clicking on the picture and pick up your copy.

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