Matt Reeves' THE BATMAN Will Reportedly Be Neither A Prequel Nor A Standalone Movie

Matt Reeves' THE BATMAN Will Reportedly Be Neither A Prequel Nor A Standalone Movie

We've heard countless conflicting reports about The Batman so here's another one for you! Apparently, it will neither be a prequel or standalone movie so what exactly does that for the character?

It seems like every couple of months we get a series of conflicting reports about The Batman and ultimately come out the other side none the wise. With Justice League now in theaters, it's that time again and with rumblings that Ben Affleck is going to be recast and that Matt Reeves is either making a prequel to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or a standalone movie, everyone is confused now. 

Well, a new report claims to shed some light on where things are going and while you should take this with a pinch of salt, it definitely makes for interesting reading. Apparently, the plan is for The Batman to follow the events of Justice League and remain firmly within the DC Films Universe. They add that Gyllenhaal would likely take over the role if Affleck leaves and that the focus would be taken off him being an older Batman if that's the case (so, a soft reboot like Mark Ruffalo becoming Bruce Banner).

The Batman would also be a crime film heavily influenced by the Batman mythos and if any of this is true, it sounds like Reeves is definitely taking things in the right direction and good things are on the way for the Caped Crusader. At this point, though, it still doesn't have a confirmed release date. 

What do you guys think about this news? As always, let us know your thoughts in the usual place.
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