More Violence Erupts at TDKR Showing

More Violence Erupts at TDKR Showing

Moviegoers panicked and fled a screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" when a fight broke out inside a theater in Pennsylvania on Sunday.

Moviegoers are still skittish after the terrifying events that occurred in Aurora, Colorado last week. Huffington Post is reporting that another event took place at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises. Thankfully this time it was just a fight between two people, but a jittery audience panicked which escalated the incident.

Just two days after a gunman opened fire and killed 12 people at a "Dark Knight" premiere in Colorado, ticket holders were nearly trampled by a fearful audience at a Loews theater near Pittsburgh, according to the Post-Gazette.

The stampede began when two people started yelling inside.

"There were two people who got into an argument, and one person yelled something that induced people to get into a panic," Witness Colin Marks, 25, told the paper.

The entire audience evacuated so quickly that witnesses said they had to dodge people who fell to the ground. Two people suffered minor injuries in the melee.

"It was scary. People were screaming. Everyone was running, kind of pushing each other. People were dropping things. Everyone was getting down. It was definitely chaotic. Everyone's heart was racing," one witness told WPXI.

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