My Thoughts Concerning The Dark Knight Rises PART II

My Thoughts Concerning The Dark Knight Rises PART II

A continuation on my thoughts of the themes and parallels between Batman Begins and TDKR with the inclusion of the recent spoilers.

With the latest spoilers coming from Badassdigest and Jett’s (from Batman-on-Film) confirmation of said spoilers, I thought I would add to my first article regarding the themes and possible parallels in the Nolan-verse Batman trilogy.

I believe these spoilers could very well work into the basic storyline that I mentioned in my first article.

First, the involvement of Catwoman and her possible alliance with Batman by the film’s 3rd Act. Badassdigest’s source did not mention Catwoman’s role in the beginning. This is where I think my theory (and the theory of other like-minded fans) of Catwoman’s involvement with the mob comes into play.

It is quite possible that Selina Kyle is a relative of one of the major crime families of Gotham City. She could very well be her family’s very own vigilante; seeking to restore the former glory of her family. This end she could achieve through various means (mostly through theft, I presume). Kyle would have some animosity towards Batman (for obvious reasons) but I presume that she would rather do her Catwoman job without a direct confrontation with Batman.

Now what would possibly turn Catwoman into one of Batman’s allies against the League of Shadows? How about when Catwoman learns that the League of Shadows has more to do with her family’s demise than Batman. It was the League of Shadows that infiltrated the mob (and local government) in Batman Begins. It was the League of Shadows that nearly destroyed Gotham City with the fear toxin.

This theory could very well work on film and allow for a temporary alliance between Catwoman and Batman without either of them jeopardizing their roles on opposites sides of the law (Catwoman working for organized crime and Batman fighting against crime).

Now, what about the possible inclusion of Talia al Ghul? This would work perfectly with my theory that the third film in a trilogy mirrors aspects of the first film. Ra’s al Ghul and the League were the villains of the first film and it seems quite poetic to have Talia and the surviving League as villains in TDKR.

My theory is that deception will still be a big key to the al Ghul family and the League. It is quite possible that the second female lead (the supposed “love interest” of Bruce Wayne) could be Talia posing as someone else. Talia could very well be Bane’s true lover but she could very well be getting close to Bruce in order to crush her from both sides (both as the man Bruce Wayne and have Bane crush the symbol Batman). Both Talia and Bane could very well have alias’, Talia as a love interest and Bane as a member of the Batman task force.

I know this is all speculative but I feel that it is worth mentioning and definitely worth discussing. Again, we won’t really know for sure until we actually see the film.
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