Next Animated Batman Series To Be Titled Beware The Batman

Next Animated Batman Series To Be Titled <i>Beware The Batman</i>

Warner Brothers has plans to debut a new animated Batman series in the year 2013 that will be titled Beware The Batman and that will be a CGI cartoon just like Green Lantern The Animated Series.

While giving the keynote speech at the MIP Junior Market convention, Warner Brothers Animation executive VP for creative affairs Sam Register revealed the title of a new animated series that will once again put the spotlight on Batman. The title of the show will be Beware The Batman and will debut some time in the year 2013. The show will be CGI based much like Green Lantern The Animated Series and is said to feature Batman's loyal butler Alfred as well as a new female sidekick ninja named Katana.

The next Batman animated series, debuting in 2013, is titled Beware the Batman. According to Register, the CGI animated series will spotlight a classic-looking Batman teaming up with a gun-toting Alfred Pennyworth and a female ninja sidekick. Beware the Batman is executive-produced by Glen Murakami, and will also explore the mythology’s more obscure villains, such as Professor Pyg, but will also feature mainstays such as The Joker and The Penguin. In the series, Batman will team up with a younger female sidekick named Katana. During the keynote, Register added that Katana will fill the sidekick role, but won't be a replacement for Robin.

As stated above the show will try and get in to some of Batman's lesser known foes, but will also feature the likes of The Joker and The Penguin.

Be on the look out for Beware The Batman sometime in 2013.

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