No Adam West Cameo In The Dark Knight Rises After All?

No Adam West Cameo In <I>The Dark Knight Rises</i> After All?

It appears that there in fact WON'T be a cameo from the 1960s' Batman in the next Bat-film, . Check out the details after the jump!

Batman-Online is reporting that the rumors of former Batman Adam West having a cameo in Nolan's are indeed false. Instead, it appears that West may have been attending the rehearsals for the play, Batman Live (which were taking place not far from Nottingham, where TDKR has been filming).

Adam West cameo rumours turned out to be false (according to The 1966 Batman Message Board), however they may have been fueled by an actual crossing of wires...

Movie news site Movies Online reported that a local news site in the UK ‘This is Nottingham’ had multiple users saying they had spotted Adam West in the area back on June 17th.

Actually, rehersals for Batman Live (the World Arena Tour that starts touring the UK this month) has been taking place 2 miles from an English village called Gotham (but prounced "Goath-am").

Was Adam visiting the rehearsals for Batman Live? It would certainly explain the confusion and rumour fuelling!

It looks like West being around the set of TDKR was just a coincidence after all! But what do you think of the matter? Sound off your thoughts below.

Starring Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012!
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