Nolan May Not Be Doing Another Batman!

Nolan May Not Be Doing Another Batman!

Batmanonfilm is reporting that nothing is set in stone For Chris Nolan going back to the Bat.

Im sure like me, most of you thought it would only be a matter of time before Chris Nolan went to work on another Batman movie. And it may still be the case..but IF it does happen it will most likely not be for a long while after his current project "Inception".. reports that according to Batman-on-Film, it is going to take a herculean effort on the part of Warner Bros. to sell Nolan on doing a third Bat-film, confirming an old rumor that the studio has indeed compiled a short list of replacement candidates...

"The death of Heath Ledger in January of 2008 rocked Mr. Nolan hard. So hard that Chris was convinced that TDK was going to be it for him and Batman on film," according to BoF's source, adding that the Joker was envisioned as the villain in the third film.

The source also informed the site that BoF is "correct in reporting that (Nolan) is developing story ideas with [Jonathan Nolan] and David Goyer, but it will be until AT LEAST 2012 before we see the Caped Crusader back [in theaters]. And that is only an EARLY ESTIMATE at best right now. They are even saying it might not be until 2013."

BoF's source went so far as to say that, as of now, there is no story for Batman 3.

I think i speak for most of us when i say, FRACK!
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