Opinion: The route TDKR coulda/shoulda taken

Opinion: The route TDKR coulda/shoulda taken


It's a fairly simple complaint; It bothered me that Bruce retires and leaves Gotham. Nolan had always stayed true to the spirit of every character while translating them into his film universe.

Bruce was full of angst and Alfred was his Jiminy Cricket. Gordon was the only good cop trying to salvage a retched city. Gotham was a socialist society, having only the very rich or the very poor.

Joker was the absolute opposite of Batman, the chaos to his order. Ra's was a villain under the impression he was the hero.

...and so on.

Why change things up in the finale?

I'm fine with Talia not truly in love with Bruce; it works well in the trilogy. I'm fine with Bane not a hulking powerhouse, sort of. I loved the Lazarus Pit being what it was.

Making Bane Talia's love was nice.

But why did Bane appear so much older than Talia in the flashbacks? That was weird.

My main gripe was Blake and his real name; that and Wayne leaving Gotham. That would never happen.

So Blake's real name is Robin. RIDICULOUS!!!!

If they wanted to go the route of retirement ala The Dark Knight Returns, despite not being too old, it could've worked, with Wayne staying in Gotham, of course. Here's how...

Well, wait. 1st, John Blake's real name could have, neh, should have, been Jean (John, a nick name) Valley or my last on the list, what I really thought was going to happen.

To find the comic book identity of Valley, please look elsewhere. What you are about to read is the version I think could have been hypothosized in TDKRises.

No added material would emphasize this save, perhaps, one lone scene...

Jean-Paul Valley, a university graduate student of computer science in Gotham City, is the latest in a line of assassin-enforcers for "The Sacred Order of Saint Dumas".
Demonstrating a detective's intuition in tracking Bane's movements, he decides to reject his "birthright" and becomes an apprentice crime fighter alongside Batman.

What can be assumed after the completion of the trilogy is as follows...

Against Bruce Wayne's orders, Valley fights, wearing enhanced battle-armor 9we saw a glimpse of this armor when Wayne uses his knee brace).

His performance as Batman is influenced by his Azrael conditioning; he grows increasingly violent.

2nd, his name could have been Richard. "You shoud go by your real name, Richard." "Then people would call me Dick." Subtle and funny. Or she could have looked at the card ans simply asked "of the famous flying Graysons?" He just smiiles

Option 3. His real name could have been Jason or Tim.

John is a nickname for Jack, or vise versa. Tim's father, dead in the trilogy, was named Jack. Taking this name was an homage to his father.

Option 4, the other route I thought they were taking when she remarked that he should use his real name (Valley, being the other one)

I guessed that she would refer to him as Terry, as in Terry McGinnis. This is the one that made the most sense to me.

What follows is the cinematic interpretation.

An aging Batman, equipped with a high-tech Batsuit (in this case, the knee brace and other accessories) decides that his time as Batman is over.

The story flashes back to before Batman, when John/Terry was a child.

Terry returns home to discover that his father had been murdered, (place your nameless villain, or one you wished to see in the trilogy, here).

At the end of the movie, Blake should have snooped around the cave and discovered the Batman Beyond suit. Let's face it, he was good, but not Batman good, he needs the high powered suit.

Instead, Nolan relegates himself to haaving Blake's real name be Robin; and Bruce leaving Gotham. WHAT!?

I never wanted him to pass the cowl or quit, but the way the movie was shaping I was guessing either Valley or, the more preferred, in my case, Terry.

Again, I didn't want either, I was merely more comfortable with these 2, specifically Terry.

Oh, and I would've liked to see, but was fine without, Talia being pregnant at the end.
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