Poll: In Nolan We Trust or What the Hell is this?

With what has been shown so far from the upcoming movie, The Dark Knight Rises, how do you feel about this final movie in the Nolan series?

I have been coming here for quite a while and honestly the reason I started coming here is because of the hype from The Dark Knight. This site had all of the information I could ever want about the movie that set my comic book loving heart aflame. But, alas, once the hype faded and I saw the movie for what it really was, no longer did I consider The Dark Knight an epic Comic Book Movie.

My reason for this is mainly due to the fact that after watching this movie, my interest for the actual Dark Knight exploded and what I saw in the actual comics did not seem to mash with the movie I once loved. The Batman in the Nolan movies slightly resembles that of Bruce Wayne/ Batman, but falls short. Yes, the movie is well written and very well directed. But that is where the good ends and the bad begins. Honestly, Heath Ledger's Joker was an insult to the comics and yes Jack Nicholson was a much better and more faithful Joker. But not only that, but we barely see the Joker in the whole movie. The Joker is present in the movie for just about thirty minutes, while Two-face is present for only the last twenty minutes or so, and then is killed. That is a blasphemy. Like it or not, Nolan's second Batman movie was all steak and no sizzle. It was a gritty crime drama with a man hunting a criminal, this could honestly be any story in any crime drama. Very generic and very unoriginal.

What makes Batman so great is not Batman at all. What makes Batman great is his rogues. They are colorful, evil, and menacing, but also very very supernatural. There is no way you can say that a man dressed like a Bat with Billions of dollars going around fighting bad guys is realistic! That is why, if Warner Brothers is going to continue with these Batman movies, they need to add the supernatural element. Killer Croc, Solomon Grundy, Penguin, Riddler, (the real) Ras al Ghoul and Joker, ManBat, Poison Ivy, and the other amazing rogues can not work in this (un)realistic realism, not properly at least.

But moving on, in the past few weeks Warner Brothers has released quite a lot of new pictures from the new movie, The Dark Knight Rises. While many of the pictures released are amateur or unofficial, we are starting to see the foundation of the movie unfold in front of us. The problem with this is that so far (so far!), nothing that has come out has been very good. Bane is smaller than Batman, Catwoman has no mask (yet), and Batman still looks like a douche. But I will digress to my main issue, Bane.

From his voice, to his mask, to his clothing, to his size, the villain Nolan is trying to portray in this new movie is a bigger insult to the comics than Heath Ledger's Joker. Bane is a big man and a very smart man. Having him small is like making the Hulk just Bruce Banner with green skin. He has to be a big roided out man, he has to be an unstoppable force that nearly destroys Batman. Anything less and I say, THAT IS NOT BANE! He also does not in any way dress like he is from the G*ddamn ROAD WARRIOR!!!! I love Tom Hardy, he was amazing as Bronson and was decent in Inception (which was also very very overrated as well) but this is ridiculous!

But enough of what I have to think. I wrote this to see what y'all think. So what will is be...?

P.S. If you were confused by my Road Warrior comment here is a picture of Tom Hardy's Bane, Road Warrior guy, and the real Bane

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