Possible SPOILERS For Fox's GOTHAM Pilot

Possible <font color= "red">SPOILERS</font> For Fox's GOTHAM Pilot

iO9 reckon they've come across a (later) draft of the script for the pilot episode of the Batman prequel tv series. As long as you don't mind major SPOILERS, click on to find out which villains we may see, as well as what the first ep will be about overall.

iO9 have posted some pretty in depth spoilers and details regarding the pilot episode of Fox's Gotham tv series - if it's legit that is! The site say there's every chance it may not be so take the following with that every ready grain of salt. Anyway, if it is on the level, they reckon there's a lot of potential there but at the same time they do run it down quite a bit. The story focuses on naive young detective Jim Gordon being shown the ropes by his older, gruffer partner Harvey Bullock as they attempt to solve the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents.

It seems the script worked far too hard to ensure it was seen as a Batman show for i09's liking, with too much exposition and convenient meetings with established Bat-characters (more on that below). They also take issue with the handling of the Gordon character (the word "moron" is used) and don't speak too highly of the dialogue either. Oh dear! Still, like we said, none of this should be taken as gospel..but here's a breakdown of the biggest SPOILERS just in case you're curious.

• Here's the proto-villains introduced in the pilot: A 14-year-old Catwoman, already cat-burglering and associating with cats; the Riddler, who is working for the GCPD as a coroner and who tries to present all pertinent case information as riddles; the Penguin, a mid-level thug, who as mentioned earlier is repeatedly referred to as looking like a penguin.

• Additionally, Gordon and Bullock enter a run-down apartment where a little girl named Ivy lives with her shitty parents and, according to the script, a lot of houseplants. Could this perhaps be Poison Ivy? Well, in the comics, Poison Ivy's real name is Pamela Isley. Is Gotham giving us a clever feint here? Probably not.

• There's also a comedian telling jokes in gangster Fish Mooney's club, jokes straight out of Reader's Digest circa 1942. Mooney laughs hysterically, and, just in case those feelings were somehow opaque to the audiences, she tells the comedian she likes him. A lot. Repeatedly.

• Major Crimes detective Renee Montoya used to date Gordon's fiancée, because LESBIANS. And for bonus points, Bullock even calls her a dyke. Fun!

• Alfred appears to have a crazy cockney accent, and I swear to god this is real dialogue from the script:

ALFRED: Oi! Master Bruce! Stop playing silly buggers! Get your bloody arse down off there!

• One more line for the road from Gordon's fiancée:

BARBARA (blithely): Jim, you are the cleverest, bravest, goodest man in Gotham.

"Goodest"? Okay, maybe it's an intentional mistake in the script..or maybe this entire thing is bullshit! We'll find out soon enough I'm sure, but for now lets hear what you guys make of this in the usual place.
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