Possible Vague Scene Description For TDKR Featuring Bane & R'as Al Ghul

Possible Vague Scene Description For <i>TDKR</i> Featuring Bane & R'as Al Ghul

We have been sent info regarding a scene shot today for Christopher Nolan's Batman threequel. Is it on the level? Decide for yourselves..

I'm posting this one as a "Possible" because I can't be 100% sure of it's validity. That is to say, I believe it's legit, but I don't KNOW that it is. I also can't go into too much detail since I promised my source I wouldn't

Anyway, here are what little details I can tell you. My source was witness to a scene shot earlier today in [Censored]. He/she describes the following..

A large team in black hoods storm a room holding Tom Hardy as Bane led by what looked like a young ra's and kill off some stragglers.

Now he/she wasn't certain it was a young R'as(who is played by Josh Pence), but believes it is. If so we have a young R'as, and Tom hardy as Bane? Doesn't sound right to me unless Bane is supposed to be considerably older than Tom Hardy looks. OR Pence could be playing a "rejuvenated" Ra's and not Ra's from flashbacks. That doesn't seem likely given Nolan's "realistic" take on things, but you never know. Interesting eh? Apparently Hardy was not in his Bane mask either, simply "bald and huge".

It's not really anything huge news wise anyway but like I said, I believe this is the real deal, do you? Confirm or debunk below.

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