RUMOR: A Major Character Will Meet His/Her End In TDKR

RUMOR: A Major Character Will Meet His/Her End In TDKR

RUMOR: A Major Character Will Meet His/Her End In <i>TDKR</i>

The rumor mill suggests that a major character from all three Christopher Nolan Batman movies will be killed off in this final installment. Obviously major (potential) SPOILERS ahead so do not even click on the article if you don't wanna know em..

I have received word from a source working on the Pittsburgh set of The Dark Knight Rises that a major and well loved character from Nolan's movies will meet a violent end in the director's third and final movie. Having checked into it a little more and seeing several other reports of this on various forums I figured it was worth posting as a rumor at least. So this may not be true, but obviously don't read any further if you don't want to know who might kick the bucket.

Apparently Lucius Fox played by Morgan Freeman in all three Batman movies by Christopher Nolan meets his end in TDKR. Word is that he is murdered but by whom seems to be little more than guesswork, some saying Bane more feeling that it will be Marion Cotillard's character Miranda Tate(believed to be Talia Al Ghul). My source didn't mention any of that, just that he is killed and he reckons it is a prelude to the Batman/Bane scrap on the steps we have seen so much footage of.

What do you guys think? Could we be saying goodbye to Lucius? I'm not sure it really makes to much sense given what we already(think we) know of the story so far. Jim Gordon already seemingly suffers at the hands of one of Batman's foes, most likely prompting Batman to "come back". Killing Lucius might be a bit much. But, it's all conjecture at this point anyway. We will find out soon enough. For now confirm or debunk below.


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