RUMOR: The Dark Knight Rises 6 Minute Prologue Description & Details on Bane

RUMOR: <em>The Dark Knight Rises</em> 6 Minute Prologue Description & Details on Bane

Today I have come across a new description of the 6-minute prologue and details on Bane. Grains of salt at the ready, but this has a chance of being legit...

Thanks to Shajib Rahman from the Official TDKR Community for the scoop! RamaScreen have reported that they recieved an email this morning containing insider information on The Dark Knight Rises. The source wishes to remain anonymous and claimed to have seen the six-minute prologue to the movie, showing infront of 70mm IMAX screenings of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

The Bane info:

Nolan has significantly rewrote the story of Bane from the comics. He is raised by Ra’s al Ghul and his up bringing mirrors that of Bruce Wayne. It’s a mirror of Bruce, except it’s darker and twisted. Bane is trained to be an assassin for the League of Shadows. He kills political figures that are deemed unfit by the LOS. So he is a bit of a Che Guevara/ Jason Bourne type character. A revolutionary and an assassin. He comes to Gotham to start a revolution by revealing the cover up dealing with Harvey Dent and killing the Mayor, among other key political figures.

The prologue:

It is one of the assassinations ordered by Ra’s al Ghul. A mind blowing action sequence set aboard the Hercules plane, involving some innovative camera work ala Inception hallway fight scene. Bane and his mercenaries hijack a military plane transporting a dictator of a country which is in unrest (think Saddam Hussein type figure). He successfully kills the leader, but makes some mistakes along the way and is unable to safely land the plane. Because of the resulting injuries from the accident, he has to undergo complicated surgeries and that is how he winds up with that scar down his neck and the need for the mask to numb the pain.

Now, this actually seems to be legit. The other night this same prologue leaked on the SHH! forums and was then quickly deleted by the writer but that didn't stop fans quickly making a note of what the prologue was and spreading it over the internet. There is still a chance that the writer of the article had seen the prologue information and made the Bane part up. But the post on SHH! was quickly taken down and the description was only told to two select members via Private Message, so this leads me to believe that the writer is telling the truth.

I also believe that the prologue description is real because the Cardington shoot was very secretive and when Tom Hardy was spotted there he wasn't wearing Bane's mask and looked different.

Nailbiter111 Adds:
The reason this could be fictitious is that one of the early stunt reports said Nolan wanted to land a Hercules plane on a highway in Scotland, but that scene was supposed to involve Batman landing the plane. This description says nothing of Batman's involvement and I doubt there are more than one Hercules scene.

The Dark Knight Rises stars Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Josh Pence and Morgan Freeman and is released July 20 2012!
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