TDKR: Marion Cotillard Faces Up To Her Talia Al Ghul Deception

TDKR: Marion Cotillard Faces Up To Her Talia Al Ghul Deception

Liar liar pants on fire! I'm sure you all remember Cotillard vehemently denying that she would be playing any other character other than 'Miranda Tate' in TDKR. Of course, she had no choice, but now she faces the music in a fun interview with MTV..

Lets be honest, we all knew who Marion Cotillard was really playing in The Dark Knight Rises. It was all up in the air for a while and there were a few possibilities, but when those set pics leaked of the actress looking quite villainous in some new garb, climbing into one of Bane's stolen Tumblers, the cat was well and truly out of the bag. But still, about a year ago in an interview with MTV, the actress swore that her character was not in the comics, that she was playing a good guy, and that she definitely wasn't lying! Well..

"I totally remember," laughed Cotillard. "I knew one day I would have to face you. It was at the 'Contagion' premiere, wasn't it? I know. I totally remember. In my head I was like, 'Some day you will meet that guy again.'" Cotillard also reveals that she very nearly had to pass on the role because her "personal life was very, very busy" around the time, but director Christopher Nolan was determined to get her on board and worked his schedule around her. "He made it work and I was so happy, because I love working with him," said the French actress. "He directs these big-scale, huge movies, but at the same time he's a real artist. He's an author. He's like an independent filmmaker directing huge movies, which is very inspiring. He's at every step of the process of the movie. He really owns the stories he tells."

The Dark Knight Rises is out on Blu-ray/DVD December 4th.

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