TDKR: Revealing New Info From EW; More From Bale & Hathaway

TDKR: Revealing New Info From EW; More From Bale & Hathaway

Check out some new quotes from EW's Summer Preview mag, featuring previously un-revealed plot information and thoughts on the movie from Christian Bale (Batman) and Anne Hathaway (Catwoman)..

The lads over at the TDKR fan community FB page have posted a few excerpts from Entertainment Weekly's current issue, which as we know features plenty of Bat-related goodies. First up, the much speculated upon "death of Batman" is brought up by the mag as they listen to the actors describe the story. Then Christian Bale describes Batman's state of mind as he is forced to take on the powerful Bane..

Listening to Team Nolan talk about the film, you find yourself wondering: 'Will Batman actually survive till the end credits?"...."We wanted to show a character who is aging, who is damaged, who may not be in his prime," says Bale. "He has never encountered anyone with such blunt force as Bane, and this is not the best time for him to encounter him."

Next, a brief quote from Anne Hathaway suggests Nolan has brought plenty of death and destruction to his third and final Batman movie, as she states - "He has created an epic disaster film.". Finally , EW offer up some new information on the plot via the following synopsis-style description. It seems the speculation as to what Batman has been up to in his eight year absence was spot on. It also suggests that his injuries (we have seen him walking with a cane in some of the clip footage) are a result of his previous villain encounters, and not a battle with Bane (will we still see him "break the Bat"?). Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard) is also mentioned as a "potential" love interest..

"Rises is set eight years after the events of the Dark Knight. Gotham City is at peace and prospering, but Bruce Wayne is still recovering physically and emotionally from the tragic battles with the Joker and Harvey Dent. Batman, who took the fall for Harvey's crimes so Gotham could remain inspired by the lawman's former idealism, continues to be reviled and MIA as the story begins. While old allies Alfred and Lucius Fox and potential love interest Miranda Tate try to revive Bruce's spirits, two new threats to Gotham force Batman to end his exile."

Some juicy stuff I'm sure you'll agree. There may be more from EW's TDKR coverage, so keep an eye out.

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