TDKR: Tom Hardy Goes Bald, Possible Confirmation Of Edward Nashton

<i>TDKR</i>: Tom Hardy Goes Bald, Possible Confirmation Of Edward Nashton

Tom Hardy has been snapped with a significantly shorter new hairstyle, and we have a cryptic news paper clipping by a Mr Edward Nashton!..

This will be a fairly speculative article so don't expect any definitive news updates. Anyway, first up..

Tom Hardy there. Even though he is wearing a cap we can see he is sporting a shaved head as well as some burgeoning facial hair. Coincidence or could he be gearing up to portray Dr Hugo Strange? There are other characters he could be prepping for of course.

Next is this...

It came from Spanish site Zona Negativa and as near as I can tell(even with the translation it's not very clear. Maybe some of you guys could make a better stab at it) this is a blown up article from some of the old promotional stuff from The Dark Knight, which displayed various news paper clippings defaced by The Joker. Edward Nashton was featured in the supposed leaked script draft from last week. Even though Nashton was one of The Riddler's alias' in the comics, in this script he is an amalgamation of that character and Hugo Strange. Could this be confirmation of the character's appearance in The Dark Knight Rises? It could be anything to be honest! I wouldn't give it much credence for now. Just thought I'd post it and get your take?

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