TEEN WOLF Actor Tyler Posey Wants To Star As Terry McGinnis In A Live-Action Adaptation Of BATMAN BEYOND

TEEN WOLF Actor Tyler Posey Wants To Star As Terry McGinnis In A Live-Action Adaptation Of BATMAN BEYOND

Whilst promoting his new movie Truth or Dare alongside Supergirl actress Lucy Hale, Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey laid out his desire to play Terry McGinnis in a live-action Batman Beyond...

Best known for portraying Scott McCall on Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey is hoping that he’ll have the opportunity to play a very different type of hero sometime in the near future - Terry McGinnis of Batman Beyond.

Posey has kept quite busing since Teen Wolf wrapped its final season, last year. The actor starred in Jane the Virgin with a multi-episode arc, is set to appear in the upcoming third season of MTV’s Scream and starred in the upcoming film Truth or Dare - which will be hitting theaters this Friday. It was Truth or Dare that Posey was promoting, alongside co-star Lucy Hale, when he admitted his love for Batman Beyond and desire to pitch himself in the lead role.

In an interview with Screen Rant to promote Blumhouse Productions' Truth or Dare, Posey discussed his superhero aspirations. With his Teen Wolf co-star Tyler Hoechlin starring as Superman on The CW's Supergirl TV show; Posey was asked if he had any interest in a superhero role, to which he eagerly replied that he already has a specific role in mind:

I always got… Remember Batman Beyond? I loved Batman Beyond! That’d be fun, man, I don’t want, I don’t want to get too old before I got to pitch it.

The beloved animated series takes place several decades into Gotham’s future and follows Terry McGinnis as he takes on the mantle of Batman, with an aged Bruce Wayne acting as his reluctant mentor.

Posey seems to fit the role looks-wise, though being a decade older than McGinnis in the show, at 26 to the Batman protege's 16. Still, it’s not as though such an age difference between an actor and character is unheard of. Just last year saw Spider-Man: Homecoming starring over-20s as the film's high-schoolers.

What do you think about the actor's proposal? Do you think he'd be a good fit for the role? Would you like to see a live-action adaptation of Batman Beyond?

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