THE DARK KNIGHT Makes The Top 10 In The Film Blogger's Alternative Poll

THE DARK KNIGHT Makes The Top 10 In The Film Blogger's Alternative Poll

As a response to the Sight and Sound "best of all time" poll, HeyUguys have put together an alternative list based on feedback from the film blogging community. Read on for the top 10..

Once every decade, The British Film Institute's Sight and Sound magazine polls a selected panel of 846 distributors, critics, and academics to come up with their greatest film of all time. Orson Wells' Citizen Kane has come out on top for the last 50 years, but this time Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo got the top spot. By way of a fun response to this list, HeyUguys decided to put together an alternative top 10. 120 contributors from various sites and blogs across the net have sent in their lists, and here are OUR 10 best of all time..

1) Jaws
2) Back to the Future
3) The Dark Knight
4) Blade Runner
5) 2001 A Space Odyssey
6) There Will Be Blood
7) Psycho
8) Citizen Kane
9) Pulp Fiction
10) The Thing

As you can see, Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight came third, which is pretty impressive. It's great to see sci-fi fare such as Blade Runner, The Thing and Back To The Future on there too. I'm delighted that 3 of the movies I selected as part of my own top 10 made the final list. You can see that list in full , as well as Josh's and the rest of the individual contributions by clicking the link below.

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