THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS Crew On Which DC Stories They Want To Work On Next

THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS Crew On Which DC Stories They Want To Work On Next

At the premiere for The Dark Knight Returns Part 2, Bruce Timm, Andrea Romano, and Jay Oliva were asked about which DC stories that they would like to see adapted for one of Warner Brothers Premiere direct to DVD releases.

The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 reviews are in. Most critics are praising the animated twist on Frank Miller's epic tale, with some even going as far as calling it the best Batman movie live action or animated. However, one complaint still arises with fans. Branch out and do more animated movies not based on Batman or Superman. While speaking with Crave Online at the premiere for The Dark Knight Returns Part 2, some of the crew revealed which characters/stories they would like to see adapted, and what will be much to fans dismay, most of them are Batman stories.

Bruce Timm:

"Birds of Prey or a solo Catwoman movie, something like that. I don't think we could get either of those. We wouldn't sell enough units unfortunately. The math doesn't work. So honestly that would be something that I would love to do. Well actually I'll amend that, for instance the Killing Joke has come up for conversation several times in terms of possibly doing an adaption of it. We have come really really close to green lighting it, and then somebody gets cold feet and says, 'ah I don't think the world is ready for this yet'. But you never know someday."

Jay Oliva:

"I'd love to do an Arkham Asylum kind of adaptation. That would be kinda cool. Long Halloween would be great! Actually, Gotham by Gaslight, I think we could do that movie as one movie.

Andrea Romano:

"I would like to see a Nightwing story. A full big ol' Nightwing story. I think it's a fascinating character and I've never really worked on a project that really expanded that character. To more than just a guest here and there."

Additionally Peter Weller, who provides that voice for Bruce Wayne and Batman in The Dark Knight Returns, said that he would like to see a Black Hawks movie. Fans have been begging for an adaptation of The Killing Joke, with Mark Hamil adding fuel to the fire by saying he would end his self imposed Joker retirement to do it. Fans do get to look forward to Superman: Unbound and Flashpoint later this year, so for the latest on those two movies, check back here at CBM.

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