The Dark Knight Rises Ending Spoiler

The Dark Knight Rises Ending Spoiler

A question arises about the movie, The Dark Knight Rises ''Does Batman Die or Live''

A question arises about the movie, The Dark Knight Rises ''Does Batman Die or Live''. Well there is leaked information about the ending of Batman movie. Here is one description about the end of the movie.

''In the end, Talia Al Ghul played by Miranda Kate apppears and kills Bane after Batman wounds him. In order to prevent Bane's masterplan of using the Nuclear Fission Device developed by Wayne Enterprises to destroy Gotham, Batman puts it inside the Bat and flies it into Gotham River, where the explosion ultimately doesn't kill anyone. In the aftermath of the explosion, the remains of the Bat wash ashore, but a body is never found''.

''Gotham is rebuild, and Alfred, alone once more, decides to continue his travels. As he visits Paris, he spots a man in a cafe that looks like Bruce, and prepares to approach him, but stops himself after he notices a woman that appears to be Catwoman next to him. He leaves, never learning if that is Bruce, who faked his death, or a couple that resembles Batman and Catwoman''.

''Officer John Blake, on the other hand, is searching for Bruce Wayne, and ventures into the abandoned Wayne Manor after Alfred leaves. He ends up walking through the waterfall into the Batcave, where Batman's uniform and equipment have been left behind. Realizing that Wayne was Batman all along, Blake removes his badge and tosses it on the river, and looks on to the symbol in Batman's uniform.''

The Second Description is
'' Talia does not kill Bane,it is Selina driving the Batman Motor and uses the bomb to shoot Bane. And Batman is wound by Talia with a knife.

To tell you the truth, I don't care what happens in the end of the movie as long Batman does not die.
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