The Dark Knight Rises Review

The Dark Knight Rises Review

I deleted my Spider-Man and Batman 2 in 1 because I felt both reviews were a bit weak. So, here is my review for One of the Year's most anticipated movies.

"When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die."

The Dark Knight Rises will forever be known as one of the greatest finale's in film history. Up there with Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Here is my review for the final Christopher Nolan, Batman installment.

Acting: I'm gonna start with Tom Hardy as Bane. For me, he was the highlight of the entire movie. He had a very strong pressence and unlike the typical cliche villains, Bane was actually a frightening in the film. He couldn't use his face to express emotion because of the mask but Tom's performance was so brillaint I was legit terrified of this man, and I haven't been scared of anything in a movie since I was eight! Now, Anne Hathaway also blew me away. I liked her as an actress but I really couldn't see her as Catwoman. The previews with her in it just wasn't impressing me and convincing me that she is Selina Kyle. I was proven wrong. She was absolutely AMAZING as the character. I personally still prefer Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman but Anne is close second. Joseph Gordon Levitt, I didn't expect nothing less from him. I've always liked Joseph Gordon Levitt ever since I saw him in G.I Joe (I actually liked that movie and felt he was a highlight) and him playing John Blake was great.

Christian Bale gave probably his best performance in any film he's done. He was just great as a broken Bruce Wayne. Michael Caine, I felt was a little weak in this movie. When he cried both times in the movie, I just wasn't buying it. I don't mean I didn't like him in it, I just don't think he was better in this than the others. Marrion Cotillard, I have never liked her. She was weak in Inception and I think she was slightly better in this film. I did like the twist involving her though. Morgan Freeman was good as always, I mean he is Morgan Freeman. He isn't a bad actor. But, this trilogy didn't showcase his acting abilities a whole light. Although, I felt he was the heart of the entire trilogy.

Writing: I felt the writing was also the best out of the entire trilogy. It had me on the edge of my seat literally in every exciting part of the film. It wasn't as clever as The Dark Knight but it definitely does what a movie like this is suppose to do.

Direction: Christopher Nolan, his vision for the Batman franchise not only brought new life in the franchise but also showed that not all comicbook movies and characters are as light hearted and fun as a character like Spider-Man. This film IS his masterpiece. Anyone (in my opinion) who feels that The Dark Knight is his masterpiece, especially talking the trilogy alone is probably still mezmerised (sorry if I spelled that wrong) by Heath Ledger's Joker, believe me I am too.

Editing: The editing is wonderful in this film. It keeps the story flowing as it should. No confusing fights, nothing dragging.

Fight Choreography: The fight choreography is great. The fights in Batman Begins were a little weak and there was hardly any fighting in The Dark Knight. The fights that were there were hardly better than Batman Begins. I think the fighting here is brutal as it should be, on the edge of your seat, scary fighting. Especially the first encounter between Batman and Bane. *spoiler for those who have yet to see it* I was actually a little bit surprised when Bane broke the bat. Believe me, deep inside I was all excited but at the same time I was in shock and a little saddened for Batman. *spoiler end*

End results: The Dark Knight Rises is without doubt, the best of the trilogy and perfectly ends what I feel is the greatest trilogy I have ever seen. Powerfuly performances, strong script and a director who knows what he is doing. The Dark Knight Rises left me with happiness in my heart in the end despite my fear through out the movie. I feel this is like The Avengers, in the sense that this is a MUST SEE in the theater. I am awarding The Dark Knight Rises a 10/10

P.s: The bank heist/chase was my favorite scene in the entire movie. Watch for my review of The Amazing Spider-Man later in the week. Comment below and be respectful.
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