The Dark Knight Trilogy and the Oscars

The Dark Knight Trilogy and the Oscars

Brett Easton Ellis tweeted earlier that there was zero love for the Dark Knight Rises at a packed Academy screening. Assuming this is true, does the film deserve any (non tech) awards or does it even matter?

Regardless of your thoughts or taste, you can't deny what the trilogy has done for Comic Book movies, it added a dark gritty edge to the genre, which was most certainly needed after the very silly Batman & Robin. But aside from the comic book fans, it captured the interest of people who have never picked up a comic book in their lives.

We were given a fantastic cast, giving fantastic performances, all giving some of the greatest performances of their lives and sadly for Heath Ledger, the last great performance, which was given an Oscar for supporting actor.

The fans have loved them. The critics have loved them. So why doesn't the Academy?

Now the Academy has a long history of shunning fan favourite blockbusters and deciding to select more obscure films, the Blockbuster is reduced to the technical awards, rarely seeing actor, actress, director, script or best picutre success, let alone nominations.

Is that why it will be left out? Because it opened in so many screens, to so much fanfare across the world? Does the Academy not like succesful films? I don't see how it could, if there was no money being made there would be no industry. So does it see itself as the champion of the independent film? Knowing that they can boost box office figures by nominating them? But surely the best and only the best should be picked.

So are they just simply out of touch? I believe so.

The Dark Knight most certainly deserved a best picture nomination. More than TDKR, but it is deserving none the less. Every cog was working as intended, there is no weak points to the movie, the only difference between the two is there is no outstanding part, such as the Joker. So is it the perfect movie? No, but i dare say its one of the closest we have ever been shown, and isn't that exactly the sort of thing that should be rewarded?

But the real question is, putting aside Rotten Tomatoes, box office figures and its budget, does it even matter if it gets recognised by them?

I'll let you decide, but what i will say is this:

“There are other forms of immortality.”

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