A Fan's take on what the cast should be of the DC Original Animated Movie



BATMAN: Bruce Wayne, 55 years old. He gave up the Batman identity ten years past, strongly hinted as a reaction to the death of the former Robin, Jason Todd. But when he sees violence running rampant and his personal demons can no longer be denied, he is forced to return.

MICHAEL KEATON: We all know and Love Kevin Conroy’s iconic voice. But seeing as this is the Dark Knight Returns hearing Conroy’s voice would be annoyingly redundant. Growing up Michael Keaton was my Batman, He had the look and the voice I always associated with the Dark Knight. It’s been nearly 20 years since seeing Keaton as Batman so to hear him voice him again would spiritually let the Dark Knight Return. I would without a doubt offer him the chance to voice Batman yet again.

JAMES GORDON: James Gordon is depicted as retiring and has figured out who the Batman was. He has a close friendship with Bruce Wayne. In this Earth, Jim Gordon is more of a father figure to Bruce than ever before.

BRYAN CRANSTON: He was perfect in Year One, arguable the best part of the film. His voice fit the character as best it could be possible. I think his voice would fit this version of Gordon more so than he did in Year One, and that’s saying something.

GREEN ARROW: After the American government outlawing of all superheroes, except for Superman, Oliver Queen undertook s a clandestine career of terrorism against government oppression, including the sinking of a nuclear submarine. He lost his left arm years ago and blames Superman for that.

CHRISTOPHER McDONALD: He’s no stranger to playing characters in the DCAU having once voiced Jor-El in the JLU Animated Series as well as the Superman Animated Series. I think his voice has aged to appropriately fit Green Arrow as he is in the story.

SUPERMAN: After his past fifty-year career as a superhero, Superman became a pawn to the United States Government and had been used as a participating covert agent during the Cold War. Concerned of his old friend, Batman returning back to crime-fighting and being targeted by the media, Superman visited Gotham City, and talked Batman into keeping a low profile.

BRANDON ROUTH: I loved his performance in Superman Returns, and frankly I would love to have seen an animated series made with him voicing Superman. He has the right voice for the character and would be my number one choice to voice the character in an animated series while Cavill take the reins in the Live Action Films.

CATWOMAN: Selina Kyle as an overweight middle aged woman who runs and escort business.

MICHELLE PFIEFFER: We all love and know her as Catwoman in Tim Burton’s sequel Batman Returns and personally I would find it appropriate for her to voice Selina despite having so few lines.

ALFRED: Wayne's trusted butler and assistant, now in his 80's.

PATRICK STEWART: As he is recently doing voice work in American Dad I would see it as a fair cast. Stewart’s voice iconic as it is, would fit perfectly for pretty much any incarnation of Alfred.

ROBIN: Carrie Kelley, 13 years old. She becomes Robin, and is accepted by the Batman after saving his life.

SUMMER GLAU: Despite not liking the animated film Batman Superman Apocalypse I love Summer’s voice in the Animated Film, for me she has the quintessential voice for a teenage girl and is the best person to voice the 13 year old girl wonder.

ELLEN YINDEL: James Gordon's successor. She starts off as Batman's fiercest opponent, but doubts herself after the Joker debacle and is strongly hinted to protect him from prosecution at the end of the book.

KATEE SACKHOFF: She had a great voice in Batman Year One and it really fit for the role of Yindel. She has a great voice and could portray the character well in live action as she could in animation.

DENT: now middle-aged Harvey Dent, whose face is reconstructed with plastic surgery, but is still Two-Face in his mind and cannot refrain from criminal acts.

KEVIN CONROY: I knew I’d get points knocked of formy Batman choice and I honestly would like to see how Kevin would voice Harvey it might be considered an odd choice but I’d really like to see how it would work.

JOKER: an elderly catatonic prisoner of Arkham Asylum. He becomes a criminal again when he sees Batman's return, and sets in motion a final confrontation with the hero.

TIM CURRY: He was originally cast as the Joker for the animated series but recast when his voice was deemed to frightening for children. He was also a front runner along with Jack Nicholson who won the part and Robin Williams who was bate and switched. Plain and simple I want to know what a Tim Curry Joker would sound like and I think this would be the perfect time for him to voice the character. Tim Curry please play the Joker…

ABNER: Abner is a mentally ill henchman of the Joker who fights Batman and Robin during the events of Dark Knight Returns.

JOHN DIMAGGIO: His voice is absolutely perfect for the role.

Dr. BARTHOLOMEW WOLPER: the Joker's psychiatrist and staunch opponent of Batman's "fascist" vigilantism. Wolper is convinced that the Joker is really the victim of Batman's crusades, but he ends up murdered by his patient on a late night talk show.

JEFFREY COMBS: I really love the sound of his voice he has an evilness to it that made Scarecrow a favorite Bat-Villain of mine. I loved his Scarecrow voice but I would also like to see him voice a character such as Wolper.

MUTANT LEADER: head of a gang of teens called the "Mutants," who terrorize Gotham. The leader is a strong, savage brute who puts a hit on Gordon, beats Batman in their first encounter, goes to jail, kills the mayor (while still in jail), escapes, and is eventually beaten by Batman. Several of the Mutants join Batman in his quest and rename themselves The Sons Of Batman.

STEVEN BLUM: His voice as Killer Croc in Arkham Asylym is beyond excellent, His voice achieved a deepness and a animalistic nature that I would love to see brought to the voice of the Mutant Leader.
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