The Mystery Behind Daniel Sunjata's Character

The Mystery Behind Daniel Sunjata's Character

Who I think Daniel Sunjata will be playing in The Dark Knight Rises.

Daniel Sunjata's character hasn't been of much interest to too many people so I thought it was about time someone brought him into the spotlight. Not very many people know who he is playng. His character's name hasn't been announced so it's about time to start speculating. All we have seen of him is a couple of set videos of him and John Blake (JGL) walking down back streets writing stuff on walls.

When Sunjata was first announced as being cast this is what was said about his character: "Sunjata is in talks to play 'a courageous special forces operative'," and "an ‘important character to the story'." So who is this mysterious character? I believe that I have come up with the answer.

As most of us have realized Mr. Nolan will be using key points from the 'No Man's Land' series, but i believe he will be incorporating another . . . 'Knightfall'. We have Bane so it's safe to assume that Nolan wouldn't use him if he wasn't going to use Bane's most famous story arc. Earlier, I believe, Batman-News confirmed that Batman will have his back broken at some point during the movie. This means that Batman will be out of commission for some time.

Now in the teaser trailer, Gordon is talking to someone and he says, "The Batman has to come back." What if he is talking to Sunjata and Blake (JGL)? What if they decide to take action into their own hands and Daniel dons the cape and cowl? Could Sunjata be playing the one and only Jean Paul Valley? Of course this is mere specualtion, but there is some evidence here that is logical to assume.

I just wanted to share my thoughts on a character that is still in the dark as of now. One more thing, doesn't Daniel kinda look like a Jean Paul? Thanks for reading and please comment and tell me what you think.

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