Another Rumor Points To Ben Affleck's Time As THE BATMAN Being At An End

Another Rumor Points To Ben Affleck's Time As THE BATMAN Being At An End

While many fans hold out hope that Ben Affleck will return to the DCEU, a new rumour once again points to the actor wiping his hands with the Dark Knight as he looks to negotiate his way out of the role...

Ben Affleck's Batman future has been in doubt pretty much ever since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released and #SadAffleck became a meme due to the way he reacted to the movie's critical response. After working on Justice League seemingly hurt Live By Night - a movie Affleck directed - we quickly learned that he would no longer take the helm of The Batman and Matt Reeves replaced him.

Since then, reports have swirled that the actor wants out and that Reeves is looking for a much younger Caped Crusader and now Forbes' Mark Hughes claims that Affleck is finished with Batman.

It sounds like he's completely wiped his hands with the role at this stage, so those rumours that he'll bow out in Suicide Squad 2 or Flashpoint (which is now just The Flash) appear to be unfounded. You can see why Affleck feels this way, though. Before signing up to play the hero, he had turned his career around as a successful director but he's now forever associated with a series of critically panned superhero movies, a genre he'd successfully distanced himself from after starring in Daredevil

What do you hope to see next from Batman? As always, let us know your thoughts on that below.

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