Conflicting Reports Continue To Emerge About Ben Affleck Returning To Play BATMAN - Here's The Latest

Conflicting Reports Continue To Emerge About Ben Affleck Returning To Play BATMAN - Here's The Latest

Many seem to think that it's only a matter of time before we get official word that Ben Affleck has decided to hang up the cape 'n cowl, but Justice League producer Charles Roven feels differently...

For many, it's a forgone conclusion that Justice League indeed will be Ben Affleck's final time playing Batman in The DCEU. Given everything we've seen and heard recently, it does seem like a fairly safe assumption - but are we jumping the gun?

Affleck himself doesn't seem particularly enthusiastic about returning, and the recent rumor that director Matt Reeves might already have a replacement lined up in Jake Gyllenhaal has gained some momentum - however, conflicting reports do continue to emerge.

Here are the latest updates on the situation. Remember, nothing here should be taken without that ever-ready grain of salt until we hear something official.

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Matt Reeves Doesn't Actually Want Affleck As The Batman?

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ScreenRant editor Rob Keyes reckons Matt Reeves doesn't actually want Affleck to play The Dark Knight in his planned solo film, which is tentatively titled The Batman.

In a Tweet, Keyes states that the initial reports that Affleck was going to depart the role were not "just rumors or speculation", and a new actor is being sought to step in.

Keyes seems very confident, but this conflicts with an update from someone that should have first-hand knowledge of the situation.


Justice League Producer Charles Roven Tells A Different Story

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During an interview with CBR, Justice League producer Charles Roven offers a more positive assessment of the situation - though he does caution that he's not actually producing Reeves' movie, and is probably the "wrong guy to ask."

“Matt Reeves is working on that, but I do work with Ben, so I know that he’s certainly planning on starring in that film, but I don’t know what the script is.”

Affleck planning to stay on as Batman but the powers that be wanting him out is something that we haven't actually considered, but it might make sense given this final report.


Gyllenhaal Has Met About The Role - But It's Far From A Done Deal

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Finally, we have an update from Collider's Steve Weintraub, who has done some digging and corroborates at least some of the earlier rumors.

According to him, Jake Gyllenhaal has indeed met about stepping into the Batman role, but Reeves is also meeting with other actors.

This may seem like confirmation that Affleck is out, but it sounds like nothing is set in stone, and this may all simply be a back-up plan should the Academy Award-winner decide to hang up the cowl.

What do you make of these latest updates? Are you fully expecting an offcial announcement that Affleck has departed the role any day now, or do you have faith that he'll be back? Sound off below.
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