THE BATMAN: Matt Reeves Praises The Film's Cast And Crew; Weighs In On Why A Billionaire Superhero Still Works

THE BATMAN: Matt Reeves Praises The Film's Cast And Crew; Weighs In On Why A Billionaire Superhero Still Works

The Batman director Matt Reeves has praised the movie's cast and crew while also addressing why a billionaire superhero can still be seen relevant, and how his reboot is made in "the context of today."

All the Batman movies have brought something different to the table, but what makes Matt Reeves' The Batman different? Well, The Daily Beast pretty much asked the writer and director exactly that during a recent interview to promote Amazon series Tales from the Loop

"The short answer is that it’s been going great," the filmmaker said regarding progress on the film before it was shut down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. "We have an incredible cast and crew that I love working with. I’m working with the director of photography who I shot Let Me In with [Greig Fraser], who I just think is immensely talented."

"Bringing that partnership back to life has been incredibly exciting for me, and a lot of people whom I’ve worked with on other movies are back too. We’re all like a family making this movie, and it was going great. We shot about a quarter of the movie so far; we have three quarters to go. And when the time is right and it’s safe to do so, we’ll return to it." 

"Robert is a fantastic actor, and we have so many great actors in it! It’s been really, really exciting to go on this journey with them, and to feel like we are trying to do something different."

Reeves was then asked about how Christopher Nolan's movies were rooted in sociopolitical concerns, and whether it's difficult to still make a billionaire superhero work in today's climate. 

"To me, that’s the joy of working with it," he responded. "You use those surface elements of it, and you explore them in a way that, I feel, they haven’t been explored yet. Nolan had a brilliant take on them, and so did Burton. Everybody has a particular take. I wanted to do a Batman film where I was allowed to explore the things that matter to me."

"All those aspects you’re talking about, they all fit within a context," Reeves continued. "The movie that we’re making, which is now on pause, is absolutely made in the context of today. It doesn’t ignore any of that." That promises to be very interesting, and it's going to be very interesting seeing how the filmmaker goes about making his Batman stand out from the rest.

Are you guys excited for his take on the Dark Knight? 

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