THE BATMAN Might Be Based On YEAR ONE; Jack Huston Reportedly Up For The Role Of Harvey Dent

THE BATMAN Might Be Based On YEAR ONE; Jack Huston Reportedly Up For The Role Of Harvey Dent

Though we still don't have any official updates on the progress of Matt Reeves' Batman movie, a new rumor has thrown up some intriguing new details about the direction the film is heading in. Check it out.

We didn't get any updates from Warner Bros. at SDCC relating to Matt Reeves' The Batman, but we do have another rumor for you guys while we wait on something official.

You're welcome!

In all seriousness, Revenge of The Fans' Mario Robles has had his ear to the ground when it comes to this project for a while now and has had some solid info in the past, so there could well be something to this.

At this point, Ben Affleck returning as The Dark Knight is looking more and more unlikely, as Reeves is looking to cast a younger take on the iconic DC hero. This holds with previous reports, but we're now hearing that it's much younger - as in, 15-20 years younger than Affleck's incarnation. This is said to be the reason Jake Gyllenhaal ultimately dropped out of contention and chose to do Spider-Man: Far From Home instead.

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So, who is in line to don the cape and cowl now? Well, Robles reckons Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) was a contender around the same time as Gyllenhaal, but has also dropped out of the running. However, he may still be up for another major role: Harvey Dent, a.k.a. Two-Face.

While The Penguin is still expected to be one of the villains, it seems Dent will also make an appearance, because Reeves' film will reportedly "bear a resemblance" Frank Miller's Batman: Year One. It remain to be seen how much it draws from the story, but if Reeves is indeed planning to introduce a much younger version of The Caped Crusader, it does make sense that he'd be looking to this acclaimed tale for inspiration.

We'll have to take all of this with the usual pinch of salt for now, but let us know what you make of the report in the comments, and hopefully we'll have an offcial update on The Batman for you guys soon.
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