THE BATMAN: Peter Sarsgaard Teases Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight And Says He Shot 80% Of His Role

THE BATMAN: Peter Sarsgaard Teases Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight And Says He Shot 80% Of His Role

In a new interview, The Batman star Peter Sarsgaard has dropped some hints about what fans can expect from Robert Pattinson's take on the Caped Crusader, while revealing how many of his scenes he finished.

The Batman boasts an impressive cast, and there's a lot of intrigue surrounding Peter Sarsgaard's Gil Colson, a Gotham City District Attorney many fans initially assumed might be Harvey Dent. Of course, Christopher Nolan did such a great job with Two-Face in The Dark Knight that Matt Reeves could risk retreading old ground with the villain, so that's likely why we're getting Colson here.

Sarsgaard didn't have much to say about his secretive role during an interview with THR, but explained that, "I’m about 80 percent done with my part, so I would just like to do the last 20 percent." 

"I’m just hoping that we can get back soon, and I can get back into it," he continued, referring to COVID-19 halting production. "It’s just something I want to get back to and finish. On these big movies, this goes on for months and months. There’s hundreds of people on set at any given time. It’s just so hard to understand how we do it, and so, I just want to get back to do it." 

As for Robert Pattinson's Caped Crusader, Sarsgaard had nothing but good things to say about the English actor's performance, and it sounds like Colson definitely crosses paths with Batman at some point. 

"He looks amazing. I have to say, he really, really does. The work he was doing was really cool. I really dug his Batman, and I can’t wait to see it [on-screen]. I think he’s a very interesting actor, and I’ve liked him in a number of things. I loved him in the Safdie brothers movie [Good Time] that he did. He was so good in that movie. And I actually really liked this one he just did."

"It’s crazy, to me, the comedy movie he just did with Willem Dafoe. The Lighthouse. It’s so strange and awesome. He’s just an interesting, interesting actor," Sarsgaard concluded.

Are you more excited for The Batman after reading these comments from the actor? 

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10. Batman: Incorporated


When Batman decided to expand his operation to protect Gotham City and the world, he returned to his classic outfit (with a modern aesthetic). While body armour is all well and good, it’s worth noting that there are now fabrics which are just as durable, and a vigilante like the Caped Crusader would understandably use those.

The question is, could a live-action version of the yellow belt and glowing chest emblem actually work in today's DCEU? With the right design, there’s no doubt that it really could, and we may just end up getting the most definitive version of Batman on the big screen yet as a result.

After all, once he's got through the second year of his career, this would suit a confident Dark Knight.

9. Thrasher Armour


When it comes to armour, there’s no topping this one and, as you can see, we're heading to some crazy places here already. It’s always worth bearing in mind that Bruce Wayne is just a man, but that's why he frequently unleashes suits like these as it evens the playing field for the vigilante. 

The Thrasher suit is tougher than kevlar, and made from mesh fibers. It was built to do battle in the most inhospitable areas on Earth, able to withstand extreme heat and cold with temperatures as low as the arctic winter. The armour was also equipped with oxygen that could last for weeks.

We're not sure why Robert Pattinson's Batman would need to don this, but his comic book counterpart used it to fight the Court of Owls within the confines of the Batcave. 

8. Bill Finger's Batsuit


Bill Finger is one of the co-creators of Batman (or "The Bat-Man" as he was then known), and introduced the aesthetics of what we've come to know as the Batsuit. Now, looking at the image above, you might not think this could work in a live-action setting, but we would disagree. 

Those bat-like wings, yellow belt, and pointed ears could all look really cool in live-action, and if Robert Pattinson's Batman is going to continue wearing "homemade"-style costumes, then we'd even throw the gloves in for good measure. In some ways, it feels like Matt Reeves has already been inspired by this, but a refined version could end up taking it one step further, of course.

If nothing else, we would like a flashback showing this as the Dark Knight's first-ever costume!

7. Arkham Origins


Despite being of a similar armoured design to the one seen in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy, this Batsuit has a leather/cloth look which gives it a much different appearance overall. The cowl and cloak being connected is similar to the Noel costume (we'll get to that), although a little more streamlined thanks to the chest symbol being kept separate.

For a "final" Batsuit introduced at the end of The Batman, this would definitely work for comic book fans.

This Batsuit takes the best features of many others listed in this feature and combines them to create a look which would look simply incredible when Robert Pattinson dons the cape and cowl.

6. Batman Beyond


Of all the suits listed here, this is undoubtedly the most drastically different to anything we’ve ever seen before. The Batman Beyond costume was originally worn by Terry McGinnis, a high school kid who becomes Batman under the watchful guise of an old Bruce Wayne many years from now.

Recent Batman comics have revealed an armoured/prototype version of the suit which could open the door to it possibly making some sort of appearance in the present day, even if it’s just as an Easter Egg. However, it would be undeniably fun to see Robert Pattinson perhaps put his worn and battle damaged classic suit to one side and done a technologically advanced suit.

It's just hard to say whether this would fit into the aesthetic that Reeves is going for with The Batman.

5. The New 52


Can you believe it's been almost a decade since this reboot launched? That kept most of DC’s complicated history in place, but streamlined the universe to make it far more new-reader friendly. 

The version of the Batsuit above kicked off that version of the Caped Crusader's adventures in this new world, and although it’s a fairly straightforward look for Batman, Greg Capullo’s artwork would be a smart place to turn for Matt Reeves and his team when it comes to re-imagining this hero.

This suit also turns the cape into more of a cloak – an effective way of helping him blend into the shadows and generally just a cool look while he’s standing around – and the design of the cowl perfectly blends the character’s classic and modern looks. It's basica, but could work on screen nicely. 

4. Batman Noel


Lee Bermejo’s Batman: Noel is a unique re-imagining of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and it features a pretty unique look for the Caped Crusader. A live-action version of this leather outfit could run the risk of looking too much like Daredevil, but at least some elements form this suit have made it into Matt Reeves' movie.

The reinforced areas give it far more shape and an armoured appearance which allows the character – and actor – wearing it a lot of freedom to move. The way that the bat symbol and cloak are connected is very visually appealing, while the overall look is extremely faithful to the comic books without being too similar to what we’ve seen in the past.

If what Pattinson is wearing now is a "prototype" suit, this could very easily be the finished version.

3. Injustice: Gods Among Us


Talking of an armoured look, it’s hard to top this one. Injustice: Gods Among Us is a video game set in an alternate reality where Batman and Superman clash after the latter loses control  and attempts to take over the Earth. As you can see, this Batman is armoured up from head to toe, although the most notable difference is with the cowl.

Rather than simply being a mask, it appears to give Bruce Wayne an awful lot more in the way of protection; something which should come in handy during this grounded adventure.

Given what we've seen thus far, it’s easy to imagine fitting into The Batman, while it’s easy to imagine an inexperienced Dark Knight eventually donning a protective suit like this one.

2. Arkham Asylum


In the Arkham Asylum video game, the Caped Crusader is trapped in a prison full of his greatest enemies, and the Batsuit soon becomes battered and worn as a result. Seeing Pattinson don a suit like that would be an interesting move in terms of design, while even a cleaned up version of the outfit is still an effective design which would look amazing when adapted to film.

Right now, it appears as if he's still wearing his first, cobbled together costume, hence why the Bat logo appears to have been made using the gun used to kill Thomas and Martha Wayne. 

Once he moves on from that, though, it would be really effective to see Batman decked out in an Arkham-style suit which shows off damage, but emphasises that this is a hero with a lot of resources.

1. Jim Lee's Batsuit


Admittedly, this Batsuit doesn’t look an awful lot different to some of the other designs listed here, but comic book fans will know what makes this one so special: it's that blue tint the suit has! 

Black and grey is the prevailing theme in almost every other suit on this list (and those previously adapted to live action in everything from Tim Burton’s take to Zack Snyder’s) so using a shade of blue would both help this version stand out from previous iterations and also be visually striking.

However, considering the fact the comics and Man of Steel ditched Superman’s "iconic" red underwear, it seems likely that Robert Pattinson won’t be wearing his pants on the outside either...

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