THE BATMAN Star Zoe Kravitz On The Movie's Delay, And COVID-19 Concerns Over Catwoman Costume

THE BATMAN Star Zoe Kravitz On The Movie's Delay, And COVID-19 Concerns Over Catwoman Costume

In a feature looking at how Hollywood productions will have to change as a result of COVID-19, The Batman star Zoe Kravitz expresses concerns about social distancing on a project such as this one...

Variety has a fascinating piece up about how Hollywood is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, and buried in that are some very interesting quotes from The Batman star Zoe Kravitz. She plays Selina Kyle/Catwoman in Matt Reeves' DC Comics adaptation, and admits that she's desperate to get back to work on the project after production in London was halted in March. 

The actress explains that part of her is "hoping to wake up every day to an email or a phone call saying, 'We’re ready to go.' I’m in touch with everybody, and everyone’s ready to go when it’s safe," she says. "But no, we have no idea." 

Resuming work on a major blockbuster like The Batman is easier said than done as it involves huge crews, complicated stunt work, and elaborate costumes and makeup. 

It's the latter which has Kravitz wondering how social distancing will work when she has to don Catwoman's costume. "You have people just touching your face, touching your body all day long. I need help getting into the catsuit. I can’t do it on my own. I was probably touched more than any job, just because of the clothes and the combat and all of that."

Productions in the UK are now allowed to start resuming work, but it very much sounds like Warner Bros. is trying figure out how to make that happen. Whether the studio will be able to do so remains to be seen, of course, but now The Batman's release date has been pushed from June 2021 to October 2021, they do have the time to make some changes. 

We'll keep you guys updated as we learn more about The Batman!

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