THE BATMAN, THE MATRIX 4, And More Expected To Continue Shooting As Usual...For Now, At Least

THE BATMAN, THE MATRIX 4, And More Expected To Continue Shooting As Usual...For Now, At Least

Disney may have halted production on upcoming movies, but Warner Bros. is not following suit quite yet as shooting is continuing as normal on the likes of The Batman and the next Fantastic Beasts film...

Productions are being halted left, right, and centre at the moment, but Warner Bros. appears to be holding off on that for the time being. Just like how they're sticking to that June 5th release date for Wonder Woman 1984, Variety's Justin Kroll now reports that shooting on The Batman, The Matrix 4, and King Richard is going to continue as normal. 

He adds that The Suicide Squad is already in post-production, so that's likely to be unaffected; Black Adam isn't set to start shooting until August, while work on Aquaman 2 stars in 2021.

Proving that Warner Bros. is adamant that "the show must go on" for now, the next Fantastic Beasts movie is going to start filming (as expected) this coming Monday. Whether things will change over the weekend is hard to say, but the theatrical arm of the studio is clearly handling this quite a bit differently to the television one based on what we heard a little earlier today

Kroll adds that, "[The] situation is obviously fluid and could change but WB is not planning on shutting down productions based on Disney decision." 

The Coronavirus has been declared a "National Emergency" in the United States by President Donald Trump today, and further travel bans are expected in the coming days. That alone could cause issues for a production like The Batman, but Warner Bros. understandably doesn't want to have to delay any of its 2021 releases. 

How are you guys feeling about the way things are playing out in Hollywood right now? 
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