THE BATMAN Will Take Place In "Year Two," But Matt Reeves Confirms "Year One" Setting For HBO Max Series

THE BATMAN Will Take Place In "Year Two," But Matt Reeves Confirms "Year One" Setting For HBO Max Series

The Batman director Matt Reeves has opened up about his and Terrence Winter's HBO Max spinoff series, confirming that it delves into the corruption of the Gotham City Police Department and "Year One."

During The Batman panel at DC FanDome, co-writer and director Matt Reeves dropped some major new details about his plans for the untitled spinoff series coming to HBO Max. Confirming that it follows the cops working for the Gotham City Police Department, the filmmaker explained that the show will head back to "Year One" of the Caped Crusader's career.

He didn't clarify whether that means Batman will appear in the series, but noted that it will follow a cop who battles corruption within the department. While that happens, the myth of the Dark Knight starts to build, so we'll likely get plenty of references to whatever Bruce Wayne was up to during this time.

"You start to see the story from the point of view of these corrupt cops, one in particular," Reeves told fans. "The Gotham PD series will go into the corruption of the Gotham Police goes back to Batman Year One...we'll see these characters from a perspective we've never seen before."

Reeves later noted that in Batman's second year of protecting Gotham City, he still hasn't become a symbol of hope for Gotham City and is considered both dangerous and a myth, so going further back into his history promises to be extremely interesting. However, with the focus on both new and familiar characters in this show, Batman is probably not allies with Jim Gordon just yet.

Regardless, Reeves and Terrence Winter's DC TV series sounds like it could offer a deep dive into this world that The Batman won't have time to explore, and that's definitely worth getting excited about.

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