NEW Images of Two-Face's Sickening Mug from TDK

NEW Images of Two-Face's Sickening Mug from TDK

SPOILER ALERT! - Last May a concept art image of Two-Face appeared online and was quickly removed by the censors at Warner Bros. I've no doubt that is gonna happen again when you see these NEW pics of Two-Face from "The Dark Knight"

The scenes below explain the "OTHER" spoiler pics we saw last May showing Joker in a nurse outfit. Obviously, he's sneaking in the hospital to view his handiwork on Harvey Dent. Tons more pics from the movie can be found HERE.

UPDATE 7/9/2008 - Sorry folks! You got here too late. Warner Bros asked that we remove the Two-Face images. So, let that be a lesson to you. You GOTTA visit us more often! They were up for two days. Where were you? Oh, and don't go to photobucket, they removed those too.

And speaking of censorship...

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