Batman 3 To Be Michael Caine's Last As Alfred The Butler?

Batman 3 To Be Michael Caine's Last As Alfred The Butler?

<i>Batman 3</i> To Be Michael Caine's Last As Alfred The Butler?

Chris Nolan might of confirmed that he's directing, but Sir Michael Caine is still seemingly unsure about whether he'll be in it, and hints that it'll be his last movie...

Earlier today, RorMachine brought us the welcome news that Christopher Nolan will indeed helm the currently untitled third installment in his series of movies based on the Caped Crusader's comic book adventures.

While we all know that Sir Michael Caine will more than likely be back to repirise his role as Alfred, he seems to still be unsure in a recent radio interview when asked about about the novel he's currently writing which he'll continue to work on, ""when I finish Batman, if I make Batman." What's up with the "if"? Surely Warner Bros have signed him on at this point?

Even more interesting/worrying was what he went on to say next. If any of you, like me, are hoping that Nolan stays on and continues to make Batman movies then the veteran actor might not be a part of them as he said: "I'm completely booked up for three years so I'm okay. I'll be 80 when it's (Batman 3) finished and I might retire."

80! Who'd have guessed it? Well, I for one hope that Caine has no intention of retiring anytime soon but do you think that the above statement does indeed imply that Batman 3 will be his last? Be sure to share your thoughts in the usual place!

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