Jett Clears up Hugo Strange Rumor

Jett Clears up Hugo Strange Rumor

Jett of the Batman On Film website has clarified the Robin Williams/Hugo Strange rumor...

Jett of the Batman On Film website has clarified his musing on Robin Williams as Hugo Strange in The Dark Knight Rises. When faced with a question regarding Jett's Tweet on the site's Question of the Day feature, Jett responded as such:

"Absolutely nothing. All I was doing was thinking out loud after a chat I had with an industry friend of mine. I’ve made no secret that 1) I’d LOVE it if Robin Williams finally got his wish and was cast in a Batman film, and, 2) I’d also love to see the character of Hugo Strange included in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Put those 2 together things together and, “RW as Strange? Hmm…..”

That’s it.

I’m flattered that all these outlets think that one of my Tweets is a story, but really, they’re all making a mountain out of very small anthill. If I knew that Hugo Strange was in the film for a fact -- as well as Robin Williams portraying the character -- I wouldn’t say anything about it anywhere.

And if turns out that Hugo Strange is in TDKR and he's portrayed by Robin Williams, just chalk it up as "a lucky guess.;) "

What do you make of this? Is Jett merely debunking his rumor or is he intentionally misleading us? Only time will tell, as Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises begins filming in May.
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