Rumor: Tom Hardy To Play Harvey Bullock In The Dark Knight Rises?

Rumor: Tom Hardy To Play Harvey Bullock In <em>The Dark Knight Rises</em>?

Yes folks, its IMDB rumor time again! The site lists Hardy as Detective Harvey Bullock, and not the villain as we all assumed..

IMDB have updated their cast list for TDKR with Tom Hardy listed as Detective Harvey Bullock(Rumored). I realize this must be taken for what it is. IMDB don't even post any news source for the info. But the thing is, once in a blue moon they actually get a few things right. IMDB had actor JJ Field listed as Montgomery Falsworth(Union Jack) in Captain America TFA before any other news site did, and that has since been confirmed. So I figured this was worth reporting on the off chance.

Remember we all just assume Hardy will be the villain. All that has been confirmed is that he will play a major role. What if he is a good guy? Hardy would certainly be a good fit for Bullock, although really, there isn't a great many roles I couldn't see the versatile actor do a good job with. In the comics Harvey Bullock is usually portrayed as a tough cop, fiercely loyal to Jim Gordon but opposed to Batman and his methods. It would definitely be an interesting dynamic to introduce as the last time we saw Batman he was a fugitive. Anyway, confirm or debunk below.

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