What Role Does Tom Hardy Have In Batman 3?

What Role Does Tom Hardy Have In Batman 3?

Speculating on what he has been cast as for the forthcoming Batman 3

As many people know Tom Hardy has been cast a role in Batman 3. Speculation has been pointing to Killer Croc as well as the news that there will be filming in New Orleans. So which role do you want him as?

Killer Croc:
An human crocodile has been spotted in the sewers which has created fear over the man eating croc.With Miller saying he knows who the villains is and it been very unexpected etc. all fingers have been pointing at Killer Croc to be the villain and with Hardy having been signed up for the cast would Hardy be portraying Killer Croc?.Many fans have been calling for Batman to face a physical challenge but is this who they want? Could Nolan use a unique spin on the character and create a believable Killer Croc?

Killer Croc

Black Mask:
A feared Mob Leader who will pick up Gotham's broken underworld and will inject fear into the citizens of Gotham.Could Tom Hardy be the first to portray Black Mask on screen? Black Mask is certainly a fan favorite as the villain in Batman 3 but is that the character Hardy will play?

Black Mask

The Riddler:
A Corrupt Gotham Police Officer who becomes fascinated with Batman and finds out his identity. Everyone was speculating Johnny Depp, David Tennant, Joseph Gordon Levitt etc. but will Hardy be the man in the green in the next installment or will Nolan opt out of Riddler as he can seen as a watered down version of The Joker?


Or will Hardy be portraying this hit man employed by the mobs to hunt down Batman who is on the run. I know there has been huge support by some people for him as this role before he was even announced for the cast. Has he been cast as Deadshot or is this too low key for him?


The man who hated Bruce Wayne and his family is back for revenge. Will Hardy be portraying the surgeon who holds a vendetta against Bruce Wayne and his family or will his origins be too complicated to explain without messing up the story?


The Penguin is an alter-ego for Oswald Cobberpot who is the corrupt runner of the Iceburg lounge who has criminal links.Who says Penguin has to be an small, obese, pointy nosed freak? Nolan could create his own spin on Penguin and use Hardy as the man to change the image of Penguin. But would Nolan take such a risk?


An actor becomes addicted to a substance to his face which ultimately turns him into the shape shifting Clayface. Could we see Clayface embrace our screens in 2012? With CGI for Clayface and Hardy as Basil Karlo or Matt Hagen? But will this be too unrealistic for Nolan's liking?


The man who's strength is enhanced with venom becomes Gotham's most feared man who is not only strong but extremely clever. Could CGI be used to help Hardy appearance to make him look like Bane or have fans still got a bad taste from the actions of Batman & Robin?


The Joker:
The Joker breaks out of Arkham to once again terrorize the streets of Gotham. With Heath Ledger being dead and The Joker saying "We Were Destined To Fight Forever" does this mean Hardy has been cast as Joker or would there be too much uproar over the decision. Would Nolan take the ultimate risk and recast The Joker after Ledger's amazing performance and would the fans respect Nolan's decision?


Personally I think the rumors over Killer Croc are fake and he would most probably portray Black Mask although he could equally play Hush. I think there is an outside chance of him playing Deadshot. What do you guys think?

The villains I would personally like to see are:
1.The Riddler
2.Black Mask

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