There May Not Be Any News On THE BATMAN But Director Matt Reeves Remains Excited

There May Not Be Any News On THE BATMAN But Director Matt Reeves Remains Excited

We still haven't received an official update on what's happening with The Batman but writer/director Matt Reeves is still hard at work on the DC Comics adaptation and claims to be really excited for it...

It's been a very long time since we got an official update on The Batman but as things currently stand, Matt Reeves is writing the script and still expected to direct. Ben Affleck, meanwhile, remains attached to star and with the actor booked to appear at Fan Expo Dallas over the weekend, fans are hoping we'll get an update from him as well (it's been confirmed that he'll take part in a live Q&A at the event). 

In the meantime, a fan asked Reeves how things are going with The Batman on Twitter and received the following response. As you can see in the Tweet below, it appears as if the filmmaker remains enthusiastic about the project and is enjoying working on this solo adventure for the Caped Crusader. 

That's nice to see but if Reeves is still working on the movie's script, we're probably a long way off from seeing The Batman get a release date and Affleck's involvement obviously remains up in the air. Throw in the fact that there are conflicting reports about it being set in the DC Films Universe or a standalone adventure and it's fair to say that Reeves' remarks are unlikely to ease the minds of fans out there.

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