ThreeBigTaco's Reviews: The Dark Knight Rises

ThreeBigTaco's Reviews: The Dark Knight Rises

Dive into the SPOILER FREE review of the much anticipated THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Who says working at at theater doesn't have it's perks?

The Dark Knight Rises

How do I begin my review? I guess like all good writing, you need some perspective. I’ll start by saying that ever since this movie was announced, I haven’t once found something to excite me. Call me a Marvel troll or what not, but everything I’ve seen so far has led me to have very little expectations for this. That’s not saying I knew it wouldn’t be huge- the final installment of a very well received series would ultimately be huge, but personally I wasn’t excited. Let’s get to the meat of what we’re here to discuss.

The 3rd installment of Nolan’s Batman saga starts off with a bang. I won’t spoil too much in this review, but the opening could be up there with The Dark Knight’s grand opening. Bane is introduced early on, and with that said, Tom Hardy gives the villain his own spin. I haven’t read many interviews, but I’m sure Nolan gave Bane his own spin, and Tom took that and created something more. We’re not given the Bane in comics, although he is very similar. We’re given something more fleshed out, and definitely should never be mentioned with Batman & Robin’s Bane. I’ll be the first to admit I thought Bane would be a horrible villain for this movie, and however the fans react to Bane’s interpretation, Nolan’s spin is very fitting. Bane’s strength, and fight scenes are easily intimidating and both great to watch on scene. There’s so much more to spill, but I cannot spoil some great stuff.

Selina Kyle aka Catwoman was actually strange to see. I’m very used to watching Anne Hathaway play some girly characters, and have comedic parts. This is a very different outlet for her, and I will say she does an amazing job. I wasn’t too sold on her early in the movie, but I think she tends to grow on you and Anne delivers a great performance. The dynamic between Bale and Anne plays out well, but to me it felt almost forced, if not, there were some questions unanswered. Pay close attention to some great lines between the two, since Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are almost polar opposites in the movie, it ends up being the best thing about them.

All in all we’re treated to something special. From beginning to end, the vices come full circle in the trilogy where themes and symbolism take front stage. Bale’s Batman and Michael Cane’s Alfred may forever go down as the two actors who ‘clicked together’ in the entire Batman movie history, all due to great acting and directing from Nolan. It’s sad to say the movie doesn’t surpass The Dark Knight, but it does give movie-goers one final act in a 3 part play. The final hour of The Dark Knight Rises may be just short of legendary, but with so much going on, the overall theme and conveyance of the movie tends to blend in the middle of the movie which can seem to be the slowest parts. After that however, we’re treated to quite the ending. After the rush of The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man that swept up audiences this summer, Batman steps in to compete.

In conclusion, this movie doesn’t surpass it’s predecessor, but it does go down as a successful ending and breaking the three-quel curse. 4 Stars out of 5.

*Warning Personal Opinion and Minor Gripes Below*

Nolan’s final Batman movie has a very set pace, although in the middle it felt a bit slow. With a large ensamble, it's acceptable to show everyone on screen and their own arcs, but that also hindered the movie in my opinion. It is a very hard feat to top Heath Ledger’s Joker, and sad to say I don’t believe Tom Hardy did that. As scary and menacing as Bane was, his ultimate restrictions I believe were the mask. It didn’t allow a full acting range like how Ledger was able to embrace the Joker completely. My other personal gripe was his voice, not why he needs the mask, but to each his own on that matter. As said before in another review, Miranda Tate's character arc seems rushed, but you'll have to judge that yourself.

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