Time Magazine lists the top 10 films of 2012. (Dark Knight Rises among them)

Time Magazine lists the top 10 films of 2012.  (Dark Knight Rises among them)

Time Magazine writer Richard Corliss lists his personal top 10 film list for the year. Dark Knight Rises nestles at number 5.

5. The Dark Knight Rises

"Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) and an idealistic young cop (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) must save Gotham from a blight named Bane (Tom Hardy), with occasional help or intrusion from a lovely philanthropist (Marion Cotillard) and the revived Catwoman (Anne Hathaway). All five are orphans in masks; they repress or express their true natures by playing roles. Christopher Nolan’s stupendous climax to his Batman trilogy is a masquerade too. Nolan is pretending to be a director of comic-book entertainment, when he’s really out to excoriate Americans’ greed, laziness and implicit yearning for an omnipotent father figure, whether superhero or demagogue. In a tragic coincidence, another masked man strode into an Aurora, Colo., movie house in a Bane-like gas mask during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises and slaughtered a dozen people. The killer, identified as James Holmes, hadn’t seen the movie, but he underlined its mordant thesis: that in the real America, the creature that emerges from our dreams and into the night sky is as likely to be a madman as a savior."
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