Trailer For Batman Doc LEGENDS OF THE KNIGHT

Trailer For Batman Doc LEGENDS OF THE KNIGHT

Check out a trailer for what will (hopefully) become a feature length documentary, which explores the "power of heroic stories and the inspirational impact of Batman". Click on to find out how you can help it become a reality..

LEGENDS OF THE KNIGHT is a feature-length, not-for-profit documentary film about the power of storytelling to create positive change in our lives and in the world around us. And we are expressing this through the lens of one of the most popular stories of our time – The Batman.

Over many decades, the Caped Crusader has motivated people around the globe to overcome devastating obstacles, to help & encourage young people, or to be a vital contributor to the community. His legacy has also been a vehicle for connecting us to each other & stirring the hero within.

LEGENDS OF THE KNIGHT is an inspirational documentary that tells the stories that Batman has uncovered in us & the power of heroic storytelling to transform the world.

We believe this film will appeal to people of ALL ages & backgrounds, giving them the motivation to live out heroic stories. And we are committed to allowing as many people as possible see the finished movie.

Our goal is to inspire everyone on the planet who loves Batman to embody his spirit, engage with the world, and make a difference.

Together, WE ARE BATMAN!

To find out much more about this pretty awesome looking doc, and to pledge to help the film makers complete the project, click HERE

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