UPDATE: Anne Hathaway Spotted Filming As Selina Kyle

UPDATE: Anne Hathaway Spotted Filming As Selina Kyle

UPDATE: Anne Hathaway Spotted Filming As Selina Kyle

Yesterday we saw the first ever image of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. The image was only the second official image released, the image however was under the file name Selina_Kyle, because lets not forget that Hathaway will also be playing the woman under the mask...or strange visor goggles.

The Daily Mail uploaded some images of what appears to be Anne in costume as Selina, however it looks like Anne is not filming in these scenes, but rather taking a break, due to the book she is holding in one had. I also believe that sandals are temporary and will be switched with heels for filming, due to the length of the dress. (Comic book news and fashion update wrapped in one.)

This scenes will no doubt link with the scenes we saw earlier, either taking place straight before or after, due to the same hair styling.

What I find most interesting in these images is the necklace, it no doubt looks amazing and is a really stunning shape and colour. It also looks very expensive, could this be a link to Catwoman burglar ties?

And the offical image of Anne in Selina Kyle's alter ego form, Catwoman:

UPDATE: More image arrived on Just Jared, who seems to be where its at for Batman news lately. They are just the same images at a different angle. Interestingly Hathaway's tattoo of an "M" is present in all images.

Here is an image that most of the fanboys have been waiting for, Anne in a black bustier type outfit with lots of cleavage! Shame its actually her leaving the set...sorry guys!

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