UPDATE: Donal Logue Offered Role As Harvey Bullock In GOTHAM

<font color="red">UPDATE:</font> Donal Logue Offered Role As Harvey Bullock In GOTHAM

Last weeks rumours weren't completely wrong, it looks like Donal Logue has been offered a role in Fox's Gotham, as Det. Harvey Bullock! Hit the jump for the full story! Update: Donal Logue has come out and spoke about the rumour, seemingly confirming it.

Not much is known right know, but Latino Review are reporting that the Donal Logue as Jim Gordon story was a mistake, he is playing Detective Harvey Bullock! The mistake was made by Latino Review's Elmayimbe due to confusion in communication and excitement over the scoop.

The story also comes with a character description, Bullock will be in his 40s and will act as Gordon's mentor in the show.

It looks like this story has some real backing now, with Donal Logue himself thanking Elmayimbe for breaking the story! No confirmation that he will play Bullock but it looks like talks are taking place!

What do you think of the news? Are you excited at the progress of Fox's show? Sign off your thoughts below!

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