UPDATE! MOS 2: Batsuit Reveal Pushed Back To March? Wonder Woman Costume Described

<font color=red>UPDATE!</font> MOS 2: Batsuit Reveal Pushed Back To March? Wonder Woman Costume Described

Mark Hughes, a blogger for Forbes, gave us a rumor that Warner Bros. was going to reveal the long anticipated Bat Suit and WW suit from Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel sequel in a matter of days. That may not be the case anymore! Read on for more details.

Kevin Smith teased (or trolled) about seeing a picture of the new batsuit and made fans anxious to see what he saw. Even Ben's wife Jennifer Garner and best friend Matt Damon have claimed they have seen the suit--or at least a glimpse. One thing they all have in common on their comments is the suit is amazing and awesome.

Then, not too long ago, blogger Mark Hughes of Forbes tweeted that we would be seeing the new Batman suit and WW costume very soon and was quoted saying "Okay, fans, get ready, a bat-suit & WW reveal seems to be imminent, as in possibly days away."

Then Mark Hughes tweeted again saying the reveal has been pushed back. His exact quote is "The delay in start of filming might push it back a tad, but I'm hearing it may drop as originally planned in next 10 to 12 days,"

Now that fans are expecting the reveal in a very short time, Hughes tweeted again a quick up date on Feb. 14 saying "FYI I'm hearing the bat-suit reveal is likely pushed back a bit due to the delay in filming. That's not confirmed, but I trust the info..." Hughes also goes to say this "The upside is, the reveal sounds like it'll be bigger & cooler than previously thought!" Hughes himself is speculating that he reveal will happen in March with no confirmation on where he got that info from.

So, with so much speculation, do you think this information is accurate and is right on with the timing of the premiere with the next 300 film?

Update: According to Hughes both the Batsuit and Wonder Woman outfit will be more conservative. Hughes is quoted on Twitter saying "The Batsuit won't reveal Affleck's nipples and the Wonder Woman costume is said to be "armored [and] not a skimpy bathing suit."

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