UPDATE: The Dark Knight Rises: Batwing Hovering Over Bane's Mysterious Device!

UPDATE: The Dark Knight Rises: Batwing Hovering Over Bane's Mysterious Device!

<font color= red>UPDATE:</font> <em>The Dark Knight Rises:</em> Batwing Hovering Over Bane's Mysterious Device!

Stunning photos from the new Batman movie that show you every little detail of Bane's destructive device. Also, a very detailed account of everything that was filmed today.

Well, it really seems as though today was a rather busy shoot. Another SHH Ninja called Raganork8 got the chance to take some new images of Bane's "Earthquake machine" along with the "Batwing" hovering over it. Find out what he also had to say about Mondine's character.

"So the day was long and there wasn't much we could do to bring you back stuff (sorry)

They started early and were shooting Stock Exchange Employees coming out of the Stock Exchange Building with their hands up as if they were being held up, then something happens and they dive to either side in a panic and Bane Mercs on Motorcycles come barreling down the steps with hostages on their backs and down the street into an alley.

(they also shot the Mercs going inside)

They later would shoot the Bane Mercs going down an alley.

Modine was there the entire time and when the Exchange workers come out he's first in line then when they jump out the way he looks shocked (like what the hell?!) when the mercs drive past he, JGL and a host of cops are shooting at them.

Modine was definitely in charge of the police force. He had a gun and a walkie talkie at some points.

They shot some scenes with a cop car screeching to halt and someone coming out but, we couldn't see who (Modine and JGL probably)

Bale wasn't there, if he was he was super secretive and didn't shoot while we were there.

We can within INCHES of Nolan when a P.A. walked us through the set as he was explaining how to set up another shot.

Later on down the block they filmed the Batwing, it didn't do anything just suspended on wires and hanging above the "earthquake" machine. The machine lights up!?

They shot it on Imax but looked like they were going to do CGI with most of it

Modine looks like Harvey Dent, same dress wear, I'd be shocked if he wasn't D.A.

But since gotham STATEpolice cars were there he may be a state government officer."


Photo Courtesy Of - Raganork8 (SHH)

Every hero has a journey. Every journey has an end. Christopher Nolan returns to complete the epic Gotham trilogy that launched with Batman Begins and reached the stratosphere with the billion-dollar blockbuster The Dark Knight. Inception's Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levett join the cast regulars along with Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle and Tom Hardy as the powerful villain Bane, while Oscar winner Christian Bale prowls the night as the Caped Crusader, fighting crime and corruption with the help of Michael Cane, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman.

The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled to hit cinemas July 20th, 2012, and will feature an all-star cast that includes Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman Marion Cottilard, Anne Hathaway, Josh Pence, Tom Hardy, Morgan Freeman & Jospeh Gordon Levitt.

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