UPDATE: VIDEO: Catwoman/Batpod Stunt, Camera Is Damaged

<font color= red>UPDATE:</font>  VIDEO: Catwoman/Batpod Stunt, Camera Is Damaged

We have seen a couple of pics, now check out some footage of Catwoman on the Pittsburgh set of TDKR barreling through the brawlers on a stolen Batpod, and seemingly smashing a camera in the process. Updated with embeded video..

Some pretty cool footage of (who we assume is) Anne Hathaway's stunt double there anyway. Notice a brief glimpse of the full costume before a towel is thrown over her head. Why do that anyway?

According to TMZ..

Sources close to production tell us both the camera and the cameraman were not injured during the incident -- but if you look closely, you can SEE camera shrapnel ... and fixing those things ain't cheap!

A rep for Warner Bros. had no comment.

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