UPDATED! First Images from Hollywood Fan Film BATMAN EVOLUTION

<font color='red'>UPDATED!</font> First Images from Hollywood Fan Film BATMAN EVOLUTION

Actor and real-life ninja Eric Gable offers Brent Sprecher and CBM an exclusive first look at 'Batman' in action in the fan film made by Hollywood professionals, Batman Evolution! UPDATE: New high-res fight still!

A Batman fan film titled Batman Evolution went into production in Hollywood last month. "What's the big deal," you ask? "Fan films are being made all the time and they usually suck." True, true, but few fan films can boast a Hollywood director behind the camera, a rogues gallery of thugs played by Hollywood’s premiere stunt team 87eleven (The Avengers, 300), and an actor playing Batman who also happens to have black belts in jujitsu, tae kwon do and ninjutsu. Yeah, that’s right. This fan film can claim an actor playing one of comicdom's greatest ninjas who is actually a ninja!

Actor Eric Gable — first profiled right here on CBM as my choice to play Iron Fist in a Marvel Studios production — not only stars in the short movie, but he also wrote it and choreographed all of the fight sequences. He also happens to be a big fan of the CBM community, which is why he shared with us the very first look at Batman Evolution the day it went into production. The movie is now in post-production and Eric has once again offered CBM an exclusive first look at ‘Batman’ in action in a trio of new still images.

UPDATE: 9/9/12

So...Eric was stoked by your comments about the images he released to me, but he wanted to clarify that the images above were not actual stills from the movie, but screen captures he took during editing, which is why they're pretty dark. He sent along a true still image so you can see how crisp and vibrant the final film will look. Dig it!

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