UPDATED! First Look at Eric Gable as ‘Batman’ in BATMAN EVOLUTION

<font color='red'>UPDATED!</font> First Look at Eric Gable as ‘Batman’ in BATMAN EVOLUTION

Real-life ninja Eric Gable and Hollywood’s premiere stunt team 87eleven are currently in production on a Batman fan film that promises to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!
UPDATE: The villain revealed!

As any true Batman fan knows, Bruce Wayne is, among many other things, a highly trained martial artist with badass ninja skills. So why, pray tell, does the movie Batman always rely more on body armor and gadgets than on his fighting skills ? Don’t get me wrong, I love Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, but his Batman is depicted as more of a boxer/brawler than a true martial artist. When are we going to see a live-action Batman perform more like his comic book counterpart, jumping, punching, kicking, and flipping his way into combat, relying more on his speed, strength and agility to win a fight than on his Bat-suit and gadgets?

Well, apparently I’m not the only one dying to see Batman in action the way Batman is supposed to look in action because actor, MMA trainer and real-life ninja Eric Gable — first profiled right here on CBM as my choice to play Iron Fist in a Marvel Studios production — has decided to take on the role of Batman in a new fan film called Batman Evolution. Not only is Gable putting his highly sought-after fighting skills to the test in this short film, but his Batman will beat up on the guys from 87eleven , the most elite stunt team in Hollywood, whose skills you’ve seen demonstrated in The Avengers, 300, Ninja Assassin and other kick-ass action flicks.

The movie went into production today and Eric, knowing what big comic book fans we are here at CBM, agreed to share with us this first-look photo of himself in costume on the set.

Photo by LJ Kim

If you like what you see so far, please leave supportive comments below and Eric might just agree to share more of Batman Evolution with us as the production continues.

UPDATE: 8/28/12

Eric called me up as soon as he got off of the set of Batman Evolution to thank everyone at CBM for all of the support and to clarify a few things. So, here's the short Q&A between us, followed by a behind-the-scenes set photo that reveals the "big bad" in the short:

Brent: So, how did Day Two go?

Eric: Oh, really great, thanks! Those guys at 87eleven are the best!

Brent: Many people have been wondering about the title of the movie. Can you elaborate on it or give us a short synopsis?

Eric: Well, there's a lot of gritty, badass action in this, obviously, but it also has a parody element to it. I want to show how Batman — in a somewhat funny way — transforms from the '60s look into the "Dark Knight" as we know him today. Hopefully, the fans will be okay with a little Adam West-style fun — with a nod and wink — before we break bad with a truly dark, modern Batman fight. Then a bit of comedy as the Dark Knight runs into the yet-to-evolve, old school—

Brent: Wait, wait, don't give everything away!

Eric: (Laughs) Yeah, okay, just really, really excited about this and all pumped up from beating on the Black Mask's goons all day.

Brent: Aw, you went and gave it away!

Eric: (Laughs) No, I actually didn't! There's more!

Brent: Well, let's save that for next time. What can you tell us about the suit?

Eric: Oh, well, as I mentioned, Batman will "evolve" in this movie from the old Adam West Batman to the modern Batman.

Brent: What about the lack of a cape and utility belt?

Eric: That's actually part of the plot. Black Mask challenges Batman to fight his way through a...through his goons without using his bullet-proof cape and belt full of gadgets — just his fighting skills!

Brent: Sweet! Well, thanks! And thanks for the pic! Can I share it with the crew?

Eric: Yes, absolutely! It's just a behind-the-scenes shot of our villain on the set. He's obviously not going to be wearing those clothes in the movie. The actor is a buddy of mine, a really fine actor named Joel Hebner, who has actually read for a lot of really big comic book roles recently.

Brent: Thanks, Eric!

Eric: You bet, man! Thanks CBM! Lots more to come!

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